Eating in La Pobla de Segur

Eating in La Pobla de Segur

In the region of Pallars Jussá, located between the rivers ríos Noguera Pallaresa and Flamisell, the neighbors have work transporting wood trunks through the river since ancient times. Do you want to know what to eat in La Pobla de Segur? Come with us and discover the amazing gastronomy of this small village!

The municipality of La Pobla de Segur belong to the region from the Pyrenees of Pallars Jusssa, and has some physical and cultural conditions that influence a gastronomy connected to some activities such as the ranching and the agriculture. The products of the surroundings are the base to a simple and traditional cuisine where meats such as the lamb, cow and pork are very common. The hunting brings some other meats to the tables, such as the wild boar, the deer and the rabbit, frequently cooked in the local restaurants. The waters of the Noguera Pallaresa are the main source of trout in the region. From the milk produced thanks to the ranching of Pobla de Segur the tupi cheese is made, a very appreciated food in the area. It is a spicy cheese that is fermented in small mud pots. Other classic Catalan dishes are the snails, cocas, stews, rice and calçots, which are also part of the traditional recipes of Cataluña.

plato pobla segur
conejo vino blanco banyoles

The best place to eat tapas in La Pobla de Segur is the Bar Sport, a nice place to order some tapas with your family, friends or with your couple at their terrace. The dish we love the most if the ceps croquetas.

Comer Pobla dSegur bar sport
Bar Sport

Between the great places to eat in La Pobla de Segur we recommend the Restaurant Fa Uns Anys, a place where you will find food made with quality ingredients that come straight from the vegetable gardens and are made in the moment.

Another option of a restaurant in La Pobla de Segur is La Cuineta, which can be defined as a place with good food, nice service and great prices. If you like sweets, save a spot for the desserts, such as the delicious filiberto.

Comer Pobla Segur restaurant fa uns anys
Restaurant Fa Uns Anys
Comer Pobla Segur restaurante cuineta
Restaurante La Cuineta

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