Eating in Torroella De Montgrí

Eating in Torroella de Montgrí

Located in the mountain range of Montgrí and known for the valley of Ampurdán, apart from its proximity to the Ter River, Torroella is famous for its incredible landscaped composed of beaches, wetlands and beautiful sports such as L’Estartit, right in front of the Medes Islands. Do you want to know what you should eat in Torroella de Montgrí?

Torroella de Montrgí is a small municipality from the region of the Bajo (Low) Ampurdán. Its strong connection to the close coast of L’Estartit and to the Medes Islands is the key to understand the maritime essence of the gastronomy here. The fish and seafood are common in the restaurants of the area, cooked in many different ways and included in dishes with rice or in stews. During the month of June the gastronomic journeys of La Clova take place, celebrating the products and flavors from the sea. This municipality has some great products with D.O.P. (such as the Oil from L’Empordà) and with I.G.P. (like the Apple of Girona), two pillars of the cuisine in here. During the month of July, enjoy the celebration of the journeys La Poma a la Cuina, when the restaurants of the village prepare recipes that have apple as its main ingredient. Complete this gastronomic experience with the excellent wines from the area, such as the D.O. Empordà and the D.O. Cataluña.

paella marisco
vino torroella montgri
cucharada aceite oliva

If you want to eat tapas go to Sitrell’s, a restaurant where you will be able to try authentic Catalan cuisine in Torroella de Montgrí. They serve generous and excellent dishes, which include fish and meat.

Comer Torroella Montgri sitrells
Bar Sitrell's

Our recommendations about where to eat in Torroella de Mongrí start by Fonda Mitjá. Fresh and quality food, with a very complete weekly menu for only 11,50 Euros. We strongly suggest their eggplant stuffed with meat. Another option is the Palau lo Mirador, the restaurant of the Hotel Palau. This place is located inside of a palace and it is a true delight.

Comer Torroella Montgri fonda mitja
Restaurante Fonda Mitjá
Comer Torroella Montgri palau mirador
Restaurante Palau Lo Mirador

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