Eating in Girona

Eating in Girona

Girona has a privileged space that has one of the most incredible historical centers of Catalonia, where the old stone reflects the amazing cultural and military history. Girona is the perfect place to try a different and very complete gastronomy. 

Girona is a modern town with a touristic attractive that has a gastronomy that combines the traditional recipes with the most avant-garde culinary tendencies. The ingredients of the coast and the interior are present in many of the kitchens. The vegetable garden is fertile and produces many famous products such as the apple of Girona with I.G.P.. The vegetables and legumes are the base of numerous dishes, stews and escudellas. Regarding the meat, we recommend the embutidos (sausage) made from the pork’s slaughter. Some of them are the sweet butifarra, the salchichón, the fuet and the bull, perfect to be eaten along with the Pa de Pagès Català (with I.G.P.). The most consumed meats are the cow and the lamb.

Generally, the restaurants of Girona offer many options from the traditional Catalan cuisine, such as snails, fish suquets and other specialties. Try the delicious products with D.O.P. such as the Oil of L’Empordà, the Butter and the Cheese from L’Alt Urgell and the Cerdanya, available in the kitchens of the town. Apart from the famous Crema catalana, the local gastronomy has the xuxo as the main dessert. The pastel de crema has been praised several times, reason why it has travelled outside of the Catalan borders to get to many other parts of the Spanish geography.

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caracoles mataro
comer girona espana fascinante

Let’s go eat tapas at the Museo del Vi, where you will find delicious portions such as the calamari and the broken eggs. The bocadillos are also a good option. El Doll is a restaurant that serves generous portions and tapas that you can taste along with a fresh drink. They have beer suppliers in every table so you can serve yourself a drink. Very original.

comer girona restaurante museo vi
Restaurante El Museo del Vi
comer girona cerveceria doll
Cervecería El Doll

The restaurant Divinium is perfect to eat in Girona, as it offers very elaborated dishes with a nice and modern presentation. There are many options to choose from the menu, but we suggest you the salmon. La Penyora is a charming restaurant where you can order octopus at. They have personal touches in the restaurant and in the recipes, with gourmet touches. Cal Ros, a restaurant with stone walls, offers an intimate and great service. The price is higher than in other restaurants but it is perfect for a date. With many centuries of history, this place located in the old center unifies Catalan cuisine with current touches. In Momolet the tasting menu will surprise you. With a minimalist decoration, it offers a menu with simple but elaborated recipes made with natural products. The menu changes every month.

comer girona restaurante divinum
Restaurante Divinum
comer girona restaurante penyora
Restaurante La Penyora

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