Eating in Begur

Eating in Begur

Located in the Costa Brava, Begur is still dominated by its medieval fortress and surrounded by an amazing amount of quicksand where the unique houses that were built by the natives were raised. Also, this village has a varied gastronomy, reason why eating in Begur is delicious.

The coastal village of Begur has a rich culinary tradition that mixes the best products from the sea with a prosperous agriculture and ranching from the interior. The base of the gastronomy is the sea, reason why the pescado de roca is one of the main ingredients – a fish that lives in this steep shore. This is, without a doubt, the culinary identity of Begur, and each spring the Campaña Gastronomica del Pescado de Roca is celebrated in its honor.

Apart from this, the local offer is completed with all types of stews and fish rices or meat and other classic dishes from the Catalan cuisine such as the snails, cocas, hunt meats and the escalibadas made with vegetable garden products. Enjoy these tasty products with a touch of the D.O.P. oil Aceite de L’Empordà, one of the most famous products along with the Pa de Pagès Catalá and the Apple of Girona (both with I.G.P.).

To complete any meal in the restaurants of Begur, nothing better than having a glass of the wines with D.O. that are produced in the region: Cataluña and Empordà.

comer begur manzanas

Let’s go eat tapas in Begur! El tapas de Begur is a nice place to enjoy some pinchos and montaditos. This is a classic Basque tavern where you should try not to go during the busy hours, as you will probably not find an empty table in here.

In L’Autèntic you can eat a quick meal enjoying the delicious crepes of different ingredients, coca, patatas bravas, nachos… A huge variety of flavors! A charming restaurant with a delicate decoration.

comer begur tapas
Tapas de Begur
comer begur Restaurante lautentic

Buffet La Riviera serves classic dishes, but they don’t have a lot of variety. During the weekdays the menu costs 10 Euros and during the weekend it costs 18, including a drink and coffee.

Another charming restaurant is Fonda Caner, where dishes are elaborated in a very special way. If you want to get dinner here you should make a reservation, and even if this place costs a little bit more it will be worth it. The seafood fideuá is delicious.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, Rostei is the place. One of the best restaurants in Begur, here you will find seafood and quality fish, cooked with love and dedication.

comer begur Restaurante Rostei
Restaurante Rostei
comer begur fonda caner
Fonda Caner

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