Eating in Sitges

Eating in Sitges

The municipality of Sitges is located in the region of the Garraf. This is the village with the highest number of sports harbors in Spain. If you want to eat in Sitges, fish and seafood are the protagonists, along with other traditional recipes and quality products. Are you coming with us?

Sitges is one of the most touristic villages of the Catalan coast. Its gastronomy is a reflection of the essence of the municipality, where the culinary tradition of the Mediterranean is mixed with more innovative and contemporary techniques. When eating in Sitges, between the options of local restaurants we can find all kinds of fish and seafood, as well as stews, suquets and rice. Regarding the last one, the most popular is the rice a la Sitgetana, an ancient recipe that mixes ingredients from the sea and the mountains.

If there is a dish that is representative of the gastronomy of Sitges, that is the Xató. This is a sauce made of almonds, hazelnuts, tomato, bread center, oil, vinegar, salt and ñora (a type of pepper) that is mixed in a salad of tuna, anchovies, boquerones and escarole. This is a common dish when eating in Sitges, but it is also typical of other Catalan regions. It is so appreciated in Sitges that every January 13th, the celebration of the International Day of the Xató takes place. There are many local wineries that produce cava and wines with D.O. such as the Catalunya and the Penedès. A walk around the natural park of El Garraf can be the perfect ending for a visit to Sitges.

ensalada sitges
cava sitges

Eating tapas in Sitges is a great option thanks to the work of many excellent places such as El donostiarra, a restaurant that has a huge pinchos counter with a lot of variety; and El Cable, a classic of the area that serves tapas, pinchos and appetizers. The fried fish is served in paper, just like in the taverns from Andalucía.

comer sitges bar donostiarra
Bar El Donostiarra
comer sitges bar cable
Bar El Cable

There’s a huge variety of places to eat in Sitges. Mare Nostrum is located in a building of a great artistic and historic value, right in front of the beach. This is a family business that focuses on a traditional cuisine, using resh ingredients that are produced locally.

Fragata is another popular place, a modern and welcoming restaurants where quality dishes are prepared with local ingredients. This is the perfect place to enjoy fish, seafood, meat and rice.

Maricel is another family restaurant that has had a long career. Its gastronomy is a union between the classic Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine with more modern techniques of the present. Many different dining rooms.

Another great place to try, maybe one of the best of the village, is Casa Hidalgo, a classic restaurant that is specialized in all kinds of traditional stews, as well as fish and seafood that come straight from the local coast.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a wedding at, communions or similar events, this town has great establishments like La Sinia del Rei and La Caleta.

comer sitges restaurante mare nostrum
Restaurante Mare Nostrum
comer sitges restaurante fragata
Restaurante Fragata

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