Eating in Santa Susanna

Eating in Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna is a village of a strong touristic activity, located in the North of the province of Barcelona, in the region of the Maresme. The beaches and the natural landscapes have turned this town into one of the most important spots of the coastal area. If you want to try the delicious gastronomy of Santa Susanna, don’t forget about the fish and seafood – the specialties of the region. Come to Santa Susanna, you will not regret it!

There are a lot of different things to eat in Santa Susanna, a municipality that has a rich gastronomic tradition related to the Mediterranean and Catalan culture. Fishing is a popular activity in the area, reason why eating in Santa Susanna means enjoying a great variety of fish and seafood that can be prepared in the oven, grilled or as an ingredient in regional stews such as the famous fish suquet. With the vegetables of the local vegetable gardens many typical dishes are prepared, such as the escalivada and the esqueixada – this last one usually served with cod meat.

We must not forget about the legumes, such as the delicious mongeta del ganxet, with D.O.. The most famous meats in Santa Susanna are the calf and the pork, also present in the traditional embutidos such as the fuet, the salchichón and the bull. To finish your meal in Santa Susanna, try some local dessert, such as the crema catalana, probably one of the best known in the region. The wines with D.O Alella are perfect to complete the amazing experience of eating in Santa Susanna.

judias blancas
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vino cadalso

La Caleta – Casa Manolo is a popular place between the visitors and neighbors due to a culinary offer that allows people to eat from the best Catalan cuisine until the less formal way through thanks to its portions, tapas and bocadillos

If you want to try different types of ham with coca bread, we suggest El Aperitiu d’en Manolo, where tapas and paella are the most demanded dishes. They have a terrace and interior tables, making this an enjoyable spot to eat in Santa Susanna.

comer santa susanna restaurante caleta
Restaurante La Caleta – Casa Manolo
comer santa susanna restaurante aperitiu manolo
Restaurante El Aperitiu d’en Manolo

There are many options of restaurants to eat in Santa Susanna, and all of them have a great quality. They generally follow the Mediterranean gastronomy, which is the most appreciated in this region.

Casa Feliu is a very popular place in the town. Its cuisine is rich in traditional recipes of the province of Barcelona, focusing on meats, fish and rice of all kinds.

Another recommendable place to eat in Santa Susanna is Bon Repòs, a place that serves regional food using good products that are produced locally. They offer a menu with specialties from the Catalan and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Another good option is La Pérgola, an excellent place if you like Italian and Mexican food. Here you will be able to order tasty burritos and delicious pizzas.

comer santa susanna restaurante casa faliu
Restaurante Casa Feliu
comer santa susanna restaurante
Restaurante Bon Repòs

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