Eating in Pineda de Mar

Eating in Pineda del Mar

Located in the north of the region of Barcelona, the municipality of Pineda de Mar is a coastal territory of a great value due to its landscapes: beautiful beaches and other different natural attractions. Also, don’t miss the opportunity of eating rice and paellas in Pineda del Mar. You will be surprised!

The gastronomic tradition of Pineda del Mar is perfectly connected to the classic cuisine of the region of Maresme and the coastal area of the region of Barcelona. Along the year many gastronomic journeys take place in this municipality, each of them in honor of a traditional food or product that is popular in Pineda de Mar, such as the fish and the seafood, the tomato and the mushrooms.

The sea and the fish markets of the surroundings are the main source of products of the region. There, all kinds of fish and seafood can be bought to then be consumed grilled, roasted or as a classic stew (like the suquet de peix) or with rice and fideua.

From the interior lands the calf meat and the pork meat are the most important ingredients, from which the traditional embutidos (sausage) are made of. The snails, escalivada, sanfaina, esqueixada and other typic recipes of the Catalan cuisine are also popular when eating in Pineda de Mar. As a dessert, try some of the local specialties such as the sweet cocas and the crema catalana. And to complete this experience in Pineda de Mar, why not have a glass of wine D.O. Alella.

arroz bogavante pineda mar
caracoles alaitza

Kpi is a restaurant that serves excellent portions and bocadillos, apart from delicious recipes such as the calamari croquetas and the cheese and quince coca.

From Ay Que Te Como we recommend the clam pot, the patatas bravas, the chipirones (squid)… Everything is delicious! The tapas and portions are homemade and the prices are a bit high.

comer pineda mar restaurante kpi
Restaurante Kpi
comer pineda mar bar ay te como
Bar Ay Que Te Como

There are many different options of place to eat in Pineda de Mar. Diagonal is a restaurant of a long professional career that serves a traditional menu that features many classic Mediterranean and Catalan recipes. It offers a broad selection of menus for big groups.

Another place you could try in Pineda de Mar is El Gínjol, a less formal restaurant where attractive dishes are served. Portions and tapas draw a tasty and original culinary offer. We recommend you to enjoy its exterior patio.

Can Formiga is a classic of this village. It has a traditional look and cuisine, and all kinds of regional specialties are made here using first quality ingredients that are produced locally. They also have a delicious dessert selection.

Mas Pi is an acceptable place thanks to an offer where the traditional Mediterranean food gets mixed with some more contemporary techniques. This is also a good place to organize celebrations at, such as wedding banquets and other parties.

comer pineda mar restaurante diagonal
Restaurante Diagonal
comer pineda mar restaurante ginjol
Restaurante El Gínjol

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