Eating in Montserrat

Eating in Montserrat

The Monastery of Montserrat is located in a wonderful natural landscape at more than 700 metros of altitude. The gastronomy of this region if known for its quality recipes, such as the excellent snails. Eating in Montserrat will be a full culinary experience.

Located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Macizo de Montserrat, the Monastery of Montserrat if one of the main centers of religious pilgrimage of Catalonia. Administratively it depends on the region of Monistrol de Montserrat. This municipality, along with other such as Collbató, holds the restaurant offer of the region, which is directly influenced by the monastery and the natural park. In general terms, both centers present a classic gastronomy typical of the regions of Bages and the Bajo Llobregat, where the vegetable garden’s products and the ranching are the base of any recipe. Apart from this, the monastery also offers restaurant and hotel services.

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If you want to eat tapas in Montserrat you should go to the bar La Roca, a place that serves typical portions and tapas such as the patatas bravas. A classic bar. We also suggest you to look at our “A la carte” section to find more options of places to eat in Montserrat.

comer monserrat bar roca
Bar La Roca

If you want to eat in Montserrat we suggest the restaurant of the hotel Abat Cisneros, which has an elegant dining room full of charm. Acceptable prices and quality. They have a menu, even if it is not that economical.

The Monistrol de Montserrat (9km away) is where the Montserrat Self-Service Restaurant is located. If you like buffets, here you will be able to choose between a broad variety of dishes. A perfect place if you have a good appetite. Also, the views are beautiful.

Without leaving the region, another excellent place is Ca La Rosa, a restaurant that doesn’t look like a big deal on the outside but will surprise you with their delicious dishes. They have a daily menu and elaborated recipes, but maybe you’ll have to wait too much for your food. Delicious triguero asparagus. They also serve portions.

comer monserrat hotel abar cisneros
Hotel Abat Cisneros
comer monserrat restaurante self service
Restaurante Self-Service

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