Eating in Malgrat de Mar

Eating in Malgrat de Mar

Located in the north of the province of Barcelona and close to the frontier with Girona, the village of Malgrat de Mar is in a nice coastal region that is known for its beaches and good hotel businesses. You can’t leave Malgrat de Mar without trying their paella, fish and seafood.

Eating in Malgrat de Mar means getting to know the fundamental essence of the coastal gastronomy tradition of Catalonia. The fish and seafood from this coast are the base of the gastronomy offer where traditional stews inspired in the maritime cuisine, rice, fideua and other dishes are the main protagonists of the region. The Mediterranean essence can also be seen through the local vegetables that serve as ingredients to the sanfainas and escalivadas.

The meat products also have an important place in the gastronomy offer of Malgrat de Mar. The classic Catalan embutidos (sausage), the calf meat and lamb meat are always present in the tables of the village. To finish your meal in Malgrat de Mar, it is recommendable to try the delicious Catalan desserts.


plato pisto
paella marisco
carne grandas salime

If you want a quick meal we suggest the bar-cafe Joan, located right next to the station. Seat in their terrace and order some bocadillos made with quality ingredients.

In Liceo 1 you can order some delicious tapas or share portions, such as rabas and fried calamari. If you order a drink you will get a tapa for free. Delicious!

Comer Malgrat Mar bar joan
Bar Joan
Comer Malgrat Mar bar liceo
Bar Liceo 1

There are many good places to eat in Malgrat de Mar. The restaurant La Torreta is a place where you can try a delicious traditional cuisine thanks to their menu, where fish, grilled meats and other great plates are offered. They have special menus and group options, apart from rooms for private celebrations.

Klein 84 is another establishment you should go to if you want to taste the local gastronomy. This is a less formal place that uses local and quality ingredients to create an attractive and original gastronomy. One of the best places to eat in Magret de Mar.

Antonio is another restaurant you should know if you are going to Malgrat de Mar. The quality of the classic cuisine is the result of a long professional career that has turned this restaurant into one of the most famous in town. If you are looking for a seafood dish, this is the best place to go to.

Comer Malgrat Mar restaurante torreta
Restaurante La Torreta
Comer Malgrat Mar restaurante klein
Restaurante Klein 84

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