Eating in La Garriga

Eating in La Garriga

La Garriga has a special place in the history of Spain as this was the place when, in July of 1705, the first combat in Catalonia during the War of Succession took place. Apart from being a village that is full of history, eating in La Garriga is the perfect opportunity to try some quality products, such as legumes and vegetables. 

Famous due to its hot springs, La Garriga was an important center of summer vacations for the rich Catalan society during the 19th and 20th Centuries. Nowadays, apart from preserving the touristic component, they also have a great gastronomy. La Garriga is one of the most fertile regions of Catalonia, and apart from their vegetable gardens, the production of cheese, honey and wine is also abundant. Between the legumes that are produced here, the Mongeta del Ganxet, with D.O.P., is specially used in many different stews. This bean can be cooked with butifarra, one of the most popular embutidos (sausage) of the region – something that can be seen during the celebration made in its honor that happens each month of February.

Complete with meal with a delicious Pa de Pagès, with I.G.P.., perfect for the traditional dishes. Another classic of the region is the Cap i pota, an offal shop stew made with calf head. In the local restaurants, visitors will be able to find some other typical recipes such as meat stews with mushrooms and rice.

judias butifarra
comer garriga espana fascinante

In Bermutegi you will be surprised by the variety of pinchos and tapas, as this is the perfect place to eat in La Garriga and to have a glass of vermouth at. They have great ham and a quick service.

The bar Jovi offers tasty salads that are made with numerous quality ingredients. They are also famous by their pinchos counter. Homemade food that sometimes can be enjoyed along with live music.

comer garriga bar bermutegi
Bar Bermutegi
comer garriga bar jovi
Bar Jovi

The restaurant La Garrafa is elegant and perfect for a special occasion. The price is higher than the usual, but the dishes are made with the best quality products. The menu is based on traditional recipes.

The restaurant Castell de Rosanes offers a Japanese food menu and has a special ambiance, specially due to its nocturnal illumination. A chill out country house with a modern terrace inside of the walls of a fairytale castle.

If it is summer and you want to refresh yourself we suggest La Cabanya, that has an interior pool. The presentation could be better, but they have great dishes: coca brad, croquetas, fried eggs… Simple plates in an elegant dinning room.

comer garriga restaurante garrafa
Restaurante La Garrafa
comer garriga restaurante castell rosanes
Restaurante Castell de Rosanes

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