Eating in El Born and Parc de la Ciutadella – Barcelona

Eating in El Born and Parc de la Ciutadella

El Born (La Ribera) is a part of the old town (Ciutat Vella), but has a modern ambiance thanks to the elegant bars, cafes, restaurant and fashion stores located around a never ending maze of small stone streets. With a gastronomy based in quality products, we recommend trying each one of the local products. Let’s go eat in El Born and Parc de la Ciutadella!

There is a lot to eat in El Born, a neighborhood that, along with the Gothic, forms the medieval town of Barcelona. Nowadays, this is one of the trending and most modern places of Barcelona. Its small streets are full of history and monuments, and walking around them is a mandatory experience for any visitor. But El Born is also a region full of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a beer and tapas along with traditional products (such as de Pa de Pagès Català, the Salchichón de Vic (sausage) – both with I.G.P., and the Mongeta del Ganxet with D.O.P.). This old neighborhood of labor unions and merchants has become one of the most elegant places of Barcelona.

Here you will find the trending places of the capital, from tapas and vermouth bars to modern and elegant restaurants, along with take away places and nice markets such as the Santa Caterina. All of them are great options to eat in El Born. To sum up, this is a region to enjoy the live of Barcelona through its gastronomy. Everything there is to eat in El Born can be completed with the regional wines, such as the ones with D.O. Alella, Cataluna and Pla de Bages, or the famous Cava with D.O..

salchichon vic
vino iscar

If you are looking forward to eating tapas in El Born, this neighborhood has a broad offer of specialized bars such as El Zampanyet, which is a classic; Tapeo, a place with a traditional but modern cuisine; and Euskal Etxea, with a great Basque traditional pintxos counter, right in the center of Barcelona.

comer born ciudadella tapeo
comer born ciudadella xampanyet
El Xampanyet
comer born ciudadella euskal etxea
Euskal Etxea

There are a lot of places to eat in El Born. Montiel is a very popular restaurant, between visitors and local neighbors. This is a place that uses local products to create a modern cuisine that never loses the tradition of the Catalan gastronomy. They have great cheese.

Arcano is another good place to eat in El Born. This is a place located in an old horse stable from the 17th Century, and it has an interesting decoration of Romanic arches. Here, an excellent Mediterranean cuisine is prepared, especially meat, fish and local vegetables that form a varied and attractive menu.

El Cal Pep offers an original proposition, as it is a combination of a restaurant and a tapas bar. Their specialties are the seafood and fish, and their dishes are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Another amazing place to go to in El Born is 7 Portes, an ancient restaurant where you can try all kinds of Catalan and Mediterranean specialties, which are cooked in a traditional style using local quality ingredients. It also has private dining rooms of all sizes.

Another original place to eat in El Born is the restaurant Passadis del Pep, where food is served without a menu, reason why what you are going to eat will always be a surprise. They have higher prices, and the food follows the Catalan and Mediterranean tradition.

comer born ciudadella restaurante montiel
Restaurante Montiel
comer born ciudadella restaurante cal pep
Restaurante Cal Pep
comer born ciudadella restaurante arcano
Restaurante Arcano

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