Eating in Calella

Eating in Calella

Located in the region of the Maresme, the village of Calella is one of the coastal centers with more tourists of the coast of Barcelona. It has a gastronomy based on fish, seafood and rice as well as other quality products. The desserts here are delicious! You will fall in love if you decide to eat in Calella.

The gastronomy of Callela is based on the culinary tradition of the region of Maresme. The fresh fish and seafood form the Mediterranean shore are protagonists of almost any dish of Calella. Grilled or roasted, served with classic recipes such as the rice, fideua or the different maritime stews, the sea products are always present in the gastronomy of this coastal village.

The calf meat, lamb and pork are also very common, usually grilled and served with products from the vegetable garden, with which the escalivada and all kinds of salads are made. Some traditional embutidos (sausage) such as the butifarra, the fuet and the salchichón are also very popular. Regarding the desserts, a classic one is the crema catalana. To complete the experience, try some of the local wines with D.O. such as the Alella.

butifarra tarragona
crema catalana

In order to eat tapas in Calella we suggest the Boira Pineda, where they also cook great homemade hamburgers that mix quality with earth products. Good artisan beers.

Can Xena is perfect for a classic tapeo, such as a tortilla de patatas. It is close to the beach and is always bustling.

comer calella restaurante can xena
Can Xena

The options of places to eat in Calella are numerous and of a great quality. El Hogar Gallego is a popular restaurant with a cuisine specialized in fish and seafood, besides some other dishes such as rice, meat and regional recipes.

Another place in Calella is La Roda, a classic winery with a traditional cuisine, based on meats and local embutidos. A great place to eat in Calella.

Macanudo is an Argentinean meat restaurant. It offers barbecues and other options such as creole food. This is one of our favorite places.

Ca l’Isard is a good restaurant. It has a simple cuisine, but very complete, based on traditional and quality products. It also has a delivery service that takes its gastronomic offer to other places of Spain. Delicious!

comer calella restaurante roda
Restaurante La Roda
comer calella pescado restaurante hogar gallego
Restaurante El Hogar Gallego
comer calella restaurante ca lisard
Restaurante Ca l’Isard

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