Eating in Balsanery

Eating in Balsareny

Located in the commercial route of the shore of the river Llobregat, the village of Balsareny is protected by a legendary medieval castle. The gastronomy you will find if you decide to eat in Balsanery will be based in pork meat and earth products. Are you coming to eat in Balsanery with us?

Balsanery, a village located in the region of Bagés, has an interesting cultural patrimony with a rich and traditional gastronomy that follows the classic recipes from the interior of Barcelona. The pork meat is very popular in this village, whether it is served as artisan embutidos (sausage), grilled, roasted or served with ingredients such as seasonal mushrooms. In the surroundings of Balsanery it is very common to eat the tupí of sugar coated pork, a traditional method of conservation that uses oil and butter and allows the meat to become tender and tasty for a longer time.

The local restaurants offer menus full of the typical dishes of the Catalan gastronomy, made with ingedients that will charm everyone. Regarding the sweets, the Rocs de Sant Benet are famous in the region. Those chocolates are produced by the Monastery of San Benedicto. To complete the experience, nothing better than a good wine D.O. Pla de Bages or a glass of wine D.O. Cataluña.

setas rellenas
jamon Balsanery

If you want to eat tapas in Balsanery we recommend El Boter, an Irish place. They have a great variety of tapas and combination plates. The service is usually fast. At La Parockia, delicious bocadillos are served. They also have live music at night. You will have the possibility of ordering combination plates and pizzas.

Comer Balsanery bar boter
Bar El Boter
Comer en Balsanery parockia
Bar La Parockia

The restaurant Rosamar is perfect to eat in Balsanery if you are looking for elaborated dishes. They have a good menu with ingredients from the sea and mountains, from excellent meats to fish and seafood.

If you would like to order a good daily menu, we suggest Els Traginers, with homemade food and acceptable prices.

The best restaurant in Balsanery is Ca La Tieta, a place that looks like a tunnel with stone walls. Perfect for celebrations such as birthdays and family meetings, with a complete daily menu for only 10 Euros. The grilled meats are one of their specialties, but they also offer many other dishes in their menu.

Comer Balsanery rosamar
Restaurante Rosamar
Comer Balsanery ca tieta
Ca La Tieta
Comer Balsanery restaurante traginers
Restaurante Els Traginers

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