Eating in Bagà

Eating in Bagà

Located in a hill region right under the Pyrenees, Bagà belong to the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró. The meat specialties are the most famous dishes here, but there’s also a rich fish tradition. Eating in Bagà is a culinary pleasure that will surprise you.

Located right under the Pyrenees, the medieval village of Bagà has a rich gastronomy tradition that defines perfectly the gastronomy of the interior of Barcelona. It is a cuisine based in natural ingredients that mostly come from the ranching and the agriculture. The restaurants offer menus full of specialties such as the escudellas and other meat stews, cocas de pimientos (pepper), snails, artisan embutidos and lamb or calf meat.

The mushrooms are a popular ingredients in the cuisine from Bagà. During the entire year many gastyonomy celevratios take place here, such as the Fiesta de la Tortilla, the Sardinada de Terradelles or the Fiesta del Arroz, with is also known as the Comida de los Pobres (meal of the poor), as it was born a long time ago when the city councilors collected food to give it to the poor during the Carnival.

plato tipico baga
sardinas baga
tipico baga

In order to eat tapas in Bagà we suggest the bar L’englantina, with great pinchos such as the shrimps with smoked salmon and pineapple covered in a honey mustard sauce. A place with modern, excellent dishes.

The Bar Porxada is perfect to enjoy a beer and patatas bravas. Simple, but located in a beautiful place.

comer baga bar lenglantina
Bar L’englantina
comer baga bar porxada
Bar Porxada

The restaurant Niu nou is an elegant place to eat in Bagà. They have a wine menu that also includes ecologic beers. Delicious cod raviolis with mushrooms and great homemade desserts.

On the other hand, the restaurant L’amagat has a modern menu with an excellent presentation of their dishes. Roasted lamb ribs, cod, calf with mushrooms… There’s not a lot of places to eat in Bagá but the quality of the restaurants and bars is notable.

setas baga
Restaurante L'amagat
comer baga restaurante niu nou
Restaurante Niu Nou

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