Eating in Toro

Eating in Toro

Toro, a city in the Zamora province, is worth a visit. Not only for its Mudejar and Renaissance monuments that can still be seen in its streets, but also to taste the famous Toro wines. Do you want to know what to eat in Toro to accompany its famous wines? Its tapas bars and restaurants will amaze you.

Toro cuisine, similar to the rest of the Zamora province, features roasted calf and goat, along with pieces of game meat such as pigeon, partridge, hare and rabbit.

The sausages in the Zamora region such as pork sausage, blood sausage, pork loin and beef jerky, accompanied with the famous Zamorano cheese with D.O.P., are the main products of this region, due to the extensive livestock and cattle ranches in the area.

If you want advice on what to eat in Toro, we invite you to taste its dishes made with cod, the most famous is the ajoarriero that is part of a great tradition in the region, especially during Holy Week.

You cannot leave Toro without eating the variety of legumes that stand out for their unbeatable quality, like the Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, with I.G.P. You can wash down this culinary experience with a variety of wines with D.O. Such as the Arribes Wine, Tierra del Vino Zamora Wine, Toro Wine, and Vino de los Valles de Benavente.

embutido toro

If you want to eat tapas in Toro we recommend Plaza Mayor where there are many options. Some of the following stand out:

La Esquina de Colás is a restaurant with a good reputation. It is an affordable place that offers a variety of tapas. Above all, try its toasts. Also nearby is Latina, who’s mushrooms with secret sauce are essential, along with its Iberian alligator and scrambled eggs. Finally, La Comedia where you cannot miss the calandracas.

comer toro esquina
La Esquina
comer toro comedia
La Comedia

The restaurant Rejadorada serves a careful and elaborate cuisine and prepares delicious tapas. They have a terrace in an inner courtyard. The restaurant Carpe Diem, very centrally located, serves quality food with an extensive menu. We recommend going without eating beforehand so you can fill up on delicious food.

Finally, we highlight the restaurant Castillaen la Calle Candeleros. You can taste the Fuentesaúco chickpeas with mushrooms or a delicious Zamorana rice. Enjoy!

comer toro carpe diem
Carpe Diem
comer toro rejadorada

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