Eating in Puebla de Sanabria

Eating in Puebla de Sanabria

A visit to Puebla de Sanabria, in the province of Zamora, can take an entire day. You have to walk through the preserved historical area, and of course visit the spectacular lake, which is designated as a natural park. In the town you’ll find various options for eating in Puebla de Sanabria. We recommend that you don’t miss the typical salmon trout.

Puebla de Sanabria, due to its fertile lands and hydrographic environment, has developed a gastronomy that’s traditionally based in the salmon trout, which is caught in the surrounding rivers. In Puebla de Sanabria you can also have seasonal mushrooms, veal, local legumes and the  famous Queso Zamorano, a cheese with D.O.P. The regional gastronomy has Galician and Portuguese influences, due to its proximity.

If you want advice regarding what to eat in Puebla de Sanabria, some typical dishes are grilled salmon trout and beef steaks, which come from local cattle breeding. The octopus a la sanabresa (a stew of potatoes and octopus seasoned with garlic, sweet and sour paprika and a touch of wine) as well as the habones a la sanabresa (beans stewed with marinated pork ear) are other specialties that travelers should certainly try.

The autumn mushrooms are cooked in several diverse ways: stewed, grilled, or in empanadas. Try the pan sanabrés, wheat or rye bread in loaves or rolls that is always very high quality.

In the middle of August, the town celebrates the festival of Nuestra Señora del Azogue y la Anunciación de la Virgen together with the Medieval Market, which are both great opportunities to visit Puebla de Sanabria and try the local  botillo with potato, farinatos, and morujas.

Wash down this gastronomic experience with the large variety of wines with D.O. like Vino Arribes, Vino Tierra del Vino de Zamora, Vino Toro and Vino de los Valles de Benavente.

To finish your meal in Puebla de Sanabria, dessert lovers can try the orejas and rosquillas de Sanabria (“doughnuts of Sanabria”), which are a local specialty. You can also find Castilian torrijas as well as recipes that incorporate apples, walnuts and chestnuts. Also honey and blackberry or blueberry jams from the region.

pulpo sanabria
habones puebla sanabria

If you want to eat tapas in Puebla de Sanabria, these are our recommendations. At the Mesón Abelardo, they prepare a wide variety of tapas and small portions and, for example, you can enjoy an octopus tapa paired with good wine. You can also go to Sidrería La Guaja and try the delicious embutido sausages. Finally, the Bar Buenos Aires has a small terrace very close to the river where they’ll serve you typical kebab skewers.

comer puebla sanabria sidreria guaja
Sidreria la Guaja
comer puebla sanabria meson abelardo
Mesón Abelardo

There are several recommendable restaurants where you can eat in Puebla de Sanabria, and we highlight a few of them. In the Plaza Mayor you’ll find the restaurant at the Posada de Puebla de Sanabria, with polished cuisine and pleasant service. Plaza de Armas offers fresh local meat and fish. At the asador Casa Paca there is good meat and grilled octopus. La Guindalera, the restaurant at the Parador de Sanabria, prepares traditional cuisine with typical Sanabria dishes. Very close to the castle is Posada de las Misas, where they offer traditional cuisine with an excellent quality-price ratio.

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