Eating in Urueña

Eating in Urueña

Urueña, located in Valladolid, has become the perfect destination for those who love literature. Named the Village of Books, bookshops, mostlyfilled with ancient, rare, old or discontinued books, are along Urueña’s streets. If you want to know what to eat in Urueña, you cannot leave without trying the typical Castilian lamb. But there is much more…

The Village of Books, Urueña, offers typical regional cuisine to its visitors. If you are looking for advice about what to eat in Urueña, one of its specialties is the roasted lamb that is made for hours in a firewood oven. The determination and work invested in its preparation will make you enjoy its irresistible flavor.

The perfect accompaniment for this type of roast can be found among the different wine products, like the Tierra de Léon wine with D.O., or the Toro and Rueda wines, both with D.O.

tapas urena
lentejas con patatas

En este municipio, concretamente, es muy significativa la gastronomía relacionada con la matanza del cerdo, realizada durante los meses de invierno. Esta matanza, de la que se extraerán embutidos como chorizos o jamones, servirá de alimento y provisión para el resto del año hasta el próximo periodo de matanza. Estos embutidos se pueden consumir después de los platos tradicionales de “cuchara” , como los elaborados con la Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos (producto con I.G.P.), servidos en olla o puchero que te trasladarán a los verdaderos sabores de la tradición vallisoletana.

Además, para finalizar la hora de comer en Urueña en la propia villa se pueden degustar dulces exquisitos como son los bollos de aceite, rosquillas, pastas de diferentes formas y tamaños y magdalenas.

Urueña is a small town, so there are not many tapas options. We start at Mesón Pozolico where you can sample regional sausages. You can also visit Pago de Marfeliz and order famous the patatas a la importancia. It is located in an ancient 19th century house with three dining rooms decorated in Castilian style. If you prefer something more filling, you can order off their menu.

To enjoy a book and coffee go to Café El Portalón where they offer a small menu of homemade dishes. Additionally, they have a terrace-lookout that cannot be seen from the street.

Meson Pozolico
Mesón Pozolico
Café El Portalón

If you want to know where to eat in Urueña, we recommend the following places:

In Plaza Mayor we find the Mesón Villa de Urueña with an extensive variety of soup dishes.

Another option to eat in Urueña is Los Lagares, with good food at an affordable price. The cuisine is homemade and the house special is accompanied with a Ribera de Duero wine.

Finally, our favorite stop, is the Restaurante Es Confidencial. It is a different way of eating in Urueña since it is a private house where Olga, the manager, liveswith the dining rooms downstairs. The amount of antiques that are preserved in this establishment will surprise you. Additionally, the fireplace and the shelves are filled with books.

Mesón Villa de Uruena
Mesón Villa de Urueña
Restaurante Es Confidencial

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