Eating in Tordesillas

Eating in Tordesillas

Tordesillas, a town in Valladolid, is famous for the treaty that took place here under the catholic kings. If you want to visit the local monuments, there is nothing better than stopping to eat in Tordesillas. You can enjoy Castilian cuisine and the famous roasted lamb. Do you want to know more about what to eat in Tordesillas?

Known for the treaty that gave this town its name, Tordesillas offers the opportunity to taste its delicious cuisine. Its traditional and homemade cuisine offers a variety of recipes for roasted and grilled meats.

If you want advice about what to eat in Tordesillas its most notable dishes are the roasted lamb and the suckling pig. In December several restaurants celebrate the Jornadas Gastronómicas del gallo turresilano, a recipe that was recovered from the kitchens of ancient women to commemorate the 5th centennial celebration of the Tordesillas Treaty. It is a stew with garlic, almonds and white wine.

lechazo tordesillas
guiso tordesillas

Don’t miss the stews made with Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, a product with I.G.P.

Accompany these dishes with the traditional candeal bread, native to the province. Wash down the delicious cuisine with some great wines with D.O., among which are the Rueda, Tierra de León, Toro and Cigales. If you love sweets, you cannot leave without trying the delicious amarguillos-both monos and callados- hojaldres, canelos, ice cream or the convent pastries from the Santa Clara monks.

If you want to eat tapas in Tordesillas, we recommend that you go to the Plaza Mayor. But there are many tapas bars throughout Tordesillas.

We first note Nuestro Sitio to enjoy stuffed tortilla, a sausage platter and other tapas, like blood sausage toast. Then you can go to Don Pancho whose specialty is the fried fish. In Vicky, you will also find quality homemade tapas, we recommend the tigres and torreznos.

On the other hand, to enjoy the stupendous regional wines you should visit the Bodega Muelas.

Don Pancho

At La Lonja they specialize in red meats, but their menu also features fish.

In the hotel restaurant Los Toreros (nothing to do with bulls, it is a family nickname) they offer traditional cuisine on their summer terrace.

The restaurant within Parador de Tordesillas serves traditional cuisine with regional products, among them legumes, roasts and turresilano rooster.

Also, the Restaurante Valderrey is perfect for delicious roasted lamb and suckling pig.

Restaurante Valderrey
Restaurante Valderrey
La Lonja

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