Eating in Simancas

Eating in Simancas

Simancas, the village of the seven maidens, is situated in the province of Valladolid. It has one of the most important and well-preserved castles in Europe, where you can find the famous General Archive. If you’re looking for something to eat in Simancas, we recommend that you try the restaurants and bars that we suggest here.

The ancient Roman city of Simancas offers the opportunity to enjoy the multitude of typical dishes that exist in the region. If you want a tip regarding where to eat in Simancas, the firewood roasted suckling pig and lamb will provide you with the most traditional flavors in the Valladolid region, which have been developed through the dedication and constancy with which they have been prepared.

sopa ajo simancas
embutidas valladolid

If you visit this municipality in winter, the most recommendable dish is a good pot of Castilian soup, garlic soup, or one of the stews prepared with Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, lentils with I.G.P., all so you can enjoy a good hot dish ideal for the typical low winter temperatures.

The typical wines of the region could be the perfect accompaniment for these types of dishes. Additionally, due to the location of the town, you’ll be able to choose between several distinct local wine varieties: Vino D.O. Tierra de León, Toro, and Rueda.

This town is also known for its wide variety of desserts, in which you can find pastries like rosquillas de palo, buñuelos, hojuelas con miel, torrijas, etc. There are also the so-called “peonillas” cookies, which are made specifically in this locality.

If you’re looking for a place to eat tapas in Simancas, we recommend the following places:

La Ceza, where they have an ample bar with pinchos with a very good pint.

If you go in summer or when there is good weather, without a doubt you have to go to the terrace at Chiringuito La Baruva, next to the river. It is highly recommendable for going with kids, since there is a play area next to the establishment.

Another option is El Rincón del Tío Michel, next to the Castle of Simancas. We highlight their grilled meat, but you can also order entrees like grilled chorizo, a pincho de tortilla de patatas, or a delicious mushroom scramble.

La Ceaza
La Ceaza
El Rincón del Tío Michel

Here we recommend a few of the restaurants where you can eat in Simancas. At the hostel Las Tercias, 50 meters away from the Archive, they serve traditional local food and, on Tuesdays, Castilian stew; they also organize gastronomic weeks as well as specific in-season game and mycological menus, and offer a wide range of tapas.

The restaurant Casa del Arte offers traditional cuisine based in in-season products, and prepares special menus for family and professional gatherings; they offer service in their garden during the summer season.

Finally, Casa de los Infantes is next to the historical Archive high in the mountains, which allows for a view of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range.

Las Tercias
Las Tercias
Casa de los Infantes

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