Eating in Medina del Campo

Eating in Medina del Campo

Medina del Campo is a village of pre-Roman origin with an excellent geographic location. It was an international trading center in the 15th and 16th century, a prosperity that can be seen in its monuments. At present, trade continues to be one of its main activities. Eating in Medina del Campo will make your stay in this town an experience, do not miss it!

There are historical documents that report the Medina del Campo fairs became known as Ferias Generales del Reino during the reign of Queen Isabel the Catholic, which indicates the importance of regional products and cuisine at that time.

If you want to know the best or most common thing to eat in Medina del Campo we recommend you order tostón, suckling pig, or roasted lamb.

Since 2011 they have celebrated the Jornadas Gastronómicas El Lechazo de Tierras de Medina where several restaurants collaborate. In 2015, to celebrate the 5th century of Teresa de Jesús, a saint who had a strong relationship with this village, they instituted a Teresiano Menu.

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Other typical dishes to eat in Medina del Campo are the cocido castellano, garlic soups, hen and other game meat. To accompany this food is an extensive offering of wines with D.O.  Among which are Tierra de León, Toro, Cigales and Rueda.

In the incomparable Hotel Balneario Palacio de las Salinas they annually celebrate the Feria de la D.O. Rueda in Medina, known as Medivinia, during the month of May. In Plaza Mayor, they celebrate many fairs that promote the local products.

As for pastries, the most well-known are the cocadas, hojaldres and empiñonados. During certain times of year, you can also enjoy the torrijas, rosquillas de palo and periquillos.

If you like tapas, you have chosen the right place. In Medina del Campo drink wine in Plaza Mayor. Every bar is remembered for a specialty: mussels in Alegría, shrimp and tigres in El Casino, and shrimp in Mónaco 1962. Another option to eat tapas in Medina del Campo is El Mortero where they serve toasts made with typical ingredients. But if you prefer something more filling they also offer their famous suckling pig. Finally, the Tapería la Plaza is noteworthy for its extensive and spectacular tapas menu.

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El Alegría
Tapería La Plaza

The century-old Continental 1904 is in the middle of Plaza Mayor. It offers Castilian cuisine with great ingredients and also participates in different culinary celebrations that are organized in the town.

In Don Pepe they prepare delicious Castilian cuisine and roasts. In Mónaco 1962 they serve roasts and stews.

Mónaco 1962
Mónaco 1962

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