Eating in Medina de Rioseco

Eating in Medina de Rioseco

Medina de Rioseco, the City of Admirals, is one of the most attractive areas in the province for cultural tourism due to the quality of its history, art, traditions and environmental surroundings. It will take you one day to get to know this town, which will make you wonder what to eat in Medina de Rioseco. As a town in the Valladolid province, you will find typical Castilian cuisine in its tapas bars and restaurants.

The Medina de Rioseco cuisine, similar to that of the Tierra de Campos region, is based on traditional Castilian cuisine and enjoys its own identity.

If you want advice about what to eat in Medina de Rioseco, try its pork sausages, like the chichurro riosecano, similar to blood sausage. The sausage can be cured or fresh. We also recommend the unique cured beef jerky.

Among the stews, the most noteworthy are those prepared with Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, a product with I.G.P., the cocido castellano and the garlic soup. There is nothing better to accompany these dishes than the famous candeal bread, made in a firewood oven with Marca de Garantía, that is in bakeries in different forms: lechugino, cuatro canteros, cuadros, Fabiola, de picos or blando. Other breads are la barra rústica and la flama o de riche.

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Traditionally they have always eaten pigeons and in recent years the custom has been generalized and the pigeons have earned a certificate of quality. Sometimes they celebrate Jornadas Gastronómicas de La cocina del pichón de Tierra de Campos where many restaurants in the region participate. Here you can try the stewed pigeon accompanied with vegetables from the garden.

Medina de Rioseco is home of sheep cheese. Fresh Villalón cheese, also known as “pata de mulo”, is also popular here and can be enjoyed as dessert with honey from the area.

Wash everything down with a glass of wine, such as Tierra de León, Toro or Rueda, all with D.O. To put the finishing touch on your meal in Medina de Rioseco, don’t leave without trying the excellent pastries and ordering the bollos de aceite, pelusas or the classic tortas de chicharrón.

The tapas area in Medina de Rioseco runs through Lázaro Alonso Street and the Santo Domingo Plaza.

El Rincón de Unamuno, a brewery with delicious tapas, is very popular among locals. They even have a terrace to enjoy the open air. Additionally, España is a charming restaurant to enjoy a drink. They serve tapas with eggs and blood sausage.

If you love sweets, don’t leave without eating in the confectionary Cubero, a classic place for pastries.

El Rincón de Unamuno
El Rincón de Unamuno
Confiteria Cubero
Confitería Cafetería Cubero

The Rúa is a classic restaurant in this town, open since 1988- the original tavern opened in 1972. It offers traditional cuisine with seasonal products. The restaurant Pasos, with medieval décor, has an extensive menu full of Castilian cuisine. Another option is the tavern Los Arcos, that serves homemade food and offers and excellent menu.

La Rua
La Rüa
Mesón Los Arcos

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