Eating in Iscar

Eating in Iscar

Iscar is a town located in the Valladolid province which will take you a morning to visit. During a walk through Iscar you cannot miss the restored castle, its churches and the Museum of Dance. When it’s time to eat in Íscar, ingredients from the garden are essential accompanied by the typical Castilian lamb. Below, we recommend some of the restaurants and tapas bars to eat at in Iscar.

This town is in the Tierra de Pinares region in the Vallodolid province. If you want advice about what to eat in Iscar, the town has a garden full of leeks, potatoes and carrots. As for meat, the roasted lamb is typical, as well as the suckling pig and game meat.

During Holy Week, it is customary to eat “hornazo” in Iscar, which is a sandwich with loin or sausage. Due to its low temperatures in winter, stews and legumes are common dishes in this town.

To accompany your meal, there will always be wheat bread or French bread made through a slow handmade process and cooked in a wood burning oven that also produces many migas and crispy pork rinds.

guiso iscar
pan hogaza iscar
vino iscar

Iscar is known as the land of sheep cheese which is used for both desserts and tapas. There is an extensive variety of wine, which is the most popular product throughout the region, among which the most common are the Tierra de León wine, Toro wine and Rueda wine, all with D.O.

In the Iscar Castle, a must-see, you will have the opportunity to taste the Juana La Loca Beer that is handcrafted in its own castle. If you visit the Tower of Homage, you will be given a bottle with the ticket.

As for desserts, the most typical are the “rosquillas ciegas”, the bollos de baño and the empiñonados. A sweet that is already part of the Iscar tradition are the chocolate castañuelas de Mariemma, created in 2007. They are handmade dark chocolate pastries, in honor of the famous ballerina: Mariemma, born in Íscar. Traditional achicoria, or soluble production, is still maintained which allows a healthy infusion with water or milk.

If you want to eat tapas in Iscar, we recommend the following places. Next to the San Miguel Church is Casa Isidoro, a tapas bar that also has a restaurant. Here you can enjoy cured-meats with their famous caramelized onions. Another option is Ábaco. Here, the grilled meats are recommended, but they also offer croquetas, calamari and octopus. Lastly, The Dolphin’s Tavern is an Irish bar with a good atmosphere. It is perfect for having a drink with some delicious tapas such as octopus, cured-meats, or anchovies.

Restaurante Cisne
Casa Isidoro

Among the establishments to eat at in Iscar, the restaurant San Antonio has a garden-terrace and several lounges suitable for celebrations and other events. Next to the Bullring, is the Restaurante Cisne with delicious food at an affordable price. Here you can celebrate any type of event. Finally, the bar Centella serves homemade food.

Bar Centella
Restaurante del Hostal San Antonio

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