Eating in Soria

Eating in Soria

The beautiful and unknown city of Soria has much to offer. Soria was a source of inspiration for many great Spanish authors: Bécquer, Unamuno, Machado, Gerardo Diego. Maybe it was the cuisine of this city that inspired them. Do you want to eat in Soria?

As capital of the province, Soria gives you the opportunity to enjoy every corner of the region. If you want advice about what to eat in Soria we recommend you start with an appetizer like torrenillos or torreznos –marinated bacon strips similar to pork rinds-that have become classic tapas.

Among the most traditional recipes is lamb stew- a stew with onion, garlic and tomato- or roast. The migas del pastor, once a staple food in the region, is currently the most popular Sorian dish, with butter, garlic and paprika with the option to add sausage or torrenillos. However, the authentic Sorian migas are served with grapes.

You can also eat the famous embutidos made from pork sausage, ham, blood sausage, or loin. Those that had a dry climate during their curation will have a special flavor. Game meat is also an important part of the cuisine  and prepared in several recipes, one of them pickled.

Among the native products to eat in Soria is the Soria Butter that has acquired D.O.P. and is made naturally, salty or sweet. To finish your meal in Soria, try its bakeries. Many restaurants make their own cakes and during Saint Week torrijas and huesos de santo are typical.

Around Easter, it is tradition to drink lemonade, a drink made from wine, lemon, sugar and cinnamon. If you have the opportunity, go to the Fiestas de San Juan to experience the traditions firsthand.


Since 2012, Soria celebrates the Jornadas de la Cuchara and the Tenedor de Soria, where 30 restaurants participate in a specific theme every year at the beginning of May. After many years, the Week of Tapa Micológica de Soria began and has been celebrated since 2008 between October and November. This is a great opportunity to visit the city and try a variety of mushrooms. Don’t forget the Soria Truffle Fair that has been celebrated in Abejar (29 km from Soria) since 2003 in which they have published the trufa Negra de Soria and its nutritious and aromatic qualities on a national and international level.

If you want to eat tapas in Soria, keep in mind that not all bars serve free tapas. There are four fundamental zones where bars and taverns are located: Plaza San Clemente, known as “El Tubo”, Plaza Herradores (Plaza Ramón Benito Aceña), Plaza Mayor and “El Tubo Ancho” also known as Manuel Vicente Tutor Street. Among the famous tapas bars outside of these areas you can find the cervecería Torcuato.

In the Plaza San Clemente, we recommend Bar Poli, ideal for drinking beer and eating classic tapas in the Soria center.

Next to Plaza Herradores, you can eat tapas at Restaurante La Cepa. It has a bar area and you can enjoy toast and magnificent scrambled eggs accompanied with wine or beer.

Another recommendation is Taberna Capote, whose montaditos and torreznos are worth a special mention.

comer soria bar torcuato
Bar Torcuato
Bar Capote

It is difficult to select the best restaurants in Soria. El Mesón Castellano, in Plaza Mayor, has been offering traditional cuisine (migas, torreznos del alma, grilled meats and delicious desserts) since 1969. You can also eat in Baluarte, a modern restaurant that serves up-to-date traditional cuisine.

In the restaurant Antonio Machado, located in Parador, the chef Carlos Aldea creates a renovated traditional cuisine. These three restaurants participate in the Soria Truffle Fair. Another establishment that is worth visiting is El Rincón de San Juan that creates a variety of Sorian cuisine with seasonal products.

Finally, Fogón del Salvador is perfect for eating delicious meat, the suckling pig is spectacular.

comer soria fogon salvador
Fogón Salvador
comer soria rincon san juan
Rincón San Juan

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