Eating in Turegano

Eating in Turegano

Eating in Turegano is an amazing gastronomy experience. The roasted lechazo is the main dish, but the rest of recipes will also surprise you. There are a few restaurants and bars where you will be able to enjoy the local gastronomy at a great price. Are you coming?

Located in an incredible architectural place, Turegano is another one of the great places to visit in Castilla. If you want to know what to eat in Turegano, try their chacinería (sausages and pork byproducts) and their hogaza breads (with a crusty crust and a soft center), apart from their bollos con manteca, a local specialty.

The barbecues made in wood ovens are one of the gastronomy choices here, specially the cordero lechal (lamb). On the other hand, the main dish of this village is the ajoarriero, a potato stew slowly cooked with red and green peppers with juliana sauce, whipped eggs, garlic, paprika and cod. Even though this is the perfect meal for the Holly Week and Easter, it is traditionally eaten during the Feria de San Andrés, which takes place between November 24th (Santa Catalina day) and 30th (San Andrés day). The celebrations take place in the Calle Real, where people are able to enjoy the sausages and local products.

pan turegano
paletilla cordero ajoarriero
Receta ajoarriero
paletilla cordero
Paletilla de cordero

Complete this experience with a great wine Valtiendas with D.O.. The most famoust sweet of Turegano is the torta de chicharrones, made with sweet bread, a lot of center and an anise touch. The fried rosquillas are also a great option.

At the Bar Palacio you will be served a drink along with a tapa or montadito. Some great options are the stuffed mushrooms, cod sorpresita, secreto with cheese sauce… Delicious!

Sorpresita bacalao turegano
Sorpresita de bacalao

You will find many places to eat in Turegano. El Zagúan, with a wood oven in one of the dining rooms, offer a great traditional cuisine. Some of their great starters are the judiones with ear and cogollos from Tudela with anchovies from Santoña. As a main dish we recommend the ajoarriero cod, Tudela style, and the bull tail stuffed with mushrooms and foie.

casa holgueras turegano
Casa Holgueras
comer turegano zaguan
El zaguan

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