Eating in Prádena and Cueva de los Enebralejos

Eating in Prádena and Cueva de los Enebralejos

Eating in Prádena is a synonym of meat based dishes. Different recipes of lamb and pork are the best sellers and usually combined with delicious tapas.

As is the rest of Segovia, the propagonist of almost every menu is meat. More specifically, lamb is the king of the kitchen and can be found in a wide variety of ways: as a caldereta, roasted or with frite (garlic, olive oil and pimentón). Other typical ingredients are the chorizo and morcilla which are usually used in tapas and raciones.

sopa castellana
Sopa castellana
cordero patatas
Cordero con patatas
ponche segoviano
Ponche segoviano

During winter, one of the most popular recipes is garlic soup and in terms of confectionery the rosquillas de Castillo and the capuchinas are the stars that will seduce anyone who tries it for the first time.

We can also opt to go to La Portada, a little bar where every detail is taken into consideration and where quality food and wines are their basics. A perfect place to eat tapas and drink local wine. You won’t be able to choose: potatoes with mushrooms, calamari, flamenca eggs, prowns “a la gabardina”.

Another place to go is to Las Tres BBB, where they serve big tapas and raciones being their spanish omelette the most famoust plate. Croquetas and morcilla are great options to share with your couple or friends!

comer pradena portada
La portada

In Prádena there are many locations where to eat and enjoy their typical gastronomy. One of them is the restaurant La Mestra that is specialised in all kinds of meat and prepares delicious croquetas. In addition they prepare delicious homemade desserts. The restaurant is big and the price-quality ratio is excellent.

Another restaurant where to enjoy roasted lamb is in Las Tres BBB. The wide variety of salads to accompany the meat are a healthy and tasty option.

comer pradena tres b
Las tres B
comer pradena mesta
La Mesta

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