Eating in Ciudad Rodrigo

Eating in Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo, in the province of Salamanca, has impressive walls that have been the site of significant historical events. This medieval city certainly deserves a visit. You’ll also love the culinary products in Ciudad Rodrigo. At its tapas bars and restaurants you’ll be able to enjoy typical Castile-Leon cuisine.

This old, noble and loyal city offers several centuries worth of culture through its gastronomy. It’s a humble cuisine, with quality coming from excellent inland ingredients.

If you’re looking for something to eat in Ciudad Rodrigo, we recommend the ñora peppers or French lettuce, typical products that can be found in the Tuesday produce markets.

In Ciudad Rodrigo you can also eat regional dishes like meneás potatoes or chanfaina, which consists in rice with lamb giblets, egg and onion.

arroz ciudad rodrigo
jamon iberico
morucha ciudad rodrigo

In terms of meat a famous option is the morucha meat, a cow native to the region, with a slightly darker color than normal beef.

Of course, embutido sausages with Iberian ham are a prominent product in the city, and the most well-known and original to Cuidad Rodrigo is the farinato, made with pork fat, bread crumbs, olive oil, onion, and some other condiments or spices like anise. It’s typically eaten with fried eggs.

Also typical is the longaniza de chorizo, which can be eaten raw, grilled or fried. You’ll find good wines in the area such as wine from Arribes, Sierra de Salamanca, and Tierra del Vino de Zamora, all of which have Denomination of Origin.

And, once you finish your meal in Ciudad Rodrigo, what better than an artisanal dessert like maimones buns or the almond-based sweets known as repalaos.


Eating tapas in Ciudad Rodrigo is a great option. There are many bars throughout the city, but perhaps one of the busiest areas is the Plaza Mayor. There you can go to Rincón de Tomás and enjoy a glass of beer and eggs with farinato.

The Bar el Santuario stands out for its decor, with walls full of old photographs of the Carnaval del Toro. It’s an emblematic location in the city.

If you want to get some good octopus, calamari or fish appetizers, you have to go the La Pulpería de Evaristo.

La Pulperia de Evaristo
La Pulpería de Evaristo
Rincon de Tomás
Rincón de Tomás

You’ll have to choose between several good restaurants for eating in Ciudad Rodrigo, among which we recommend a few:

Possible the most well-known restaurant is Zascandil, where they offer carefully-crafted cuisine with the possibility of a tasting menu; a cozy atmosphere and friendly service; good tapas.

At the Mesón La Paloma you’ll find Castilian cuisine at a genuine tavern; morucha meat, farinato and Iberian products; at the bar they have pinchos and tostas.

At the restaurant Río Águeda in the in the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo, chef Antonio Serrano prepares regional cuisine.

Another option for eating in Ciudad Rodrigo is the Restaurante Peporro, with homemade food that’s very delicious at an excellent price.

Restaurante Peporro
Restaurante Peporro
Restaurante Zascandil
Restaurante Zascandil

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