Eating in Alba de Tormes

Eating in Alba de Tormes

Alba de Tormes, a province in Salamanca, is located on the banks of the Tormes river and is home to the famous Casa Ducal de Alba. This charming place was loved by Santa Teresa de Jesús, whose remains rest there. If you want to know what to eat in Alba de Tormes, here we will give you some recommendations.

This town is found on the banks of the Tormes river, where the remains of a universally-known Spanish saint, Santa Teresa de Jesús, rest. If you want to know what to eat in Alba de Tormes, the local gastronomy is typical to Castile, and the restaurants always offer roasts of tostón (suckling lamb) and baby goat as fundamental dishes.

You’ll also find beef and in-season game—the area is famous for the “partridge a lo Alba, a stew with pork chop, ham and olives.

Always present are the embutido sausages, with Iberian pork from Salamantine pastures. In the Tormes valley they grow excellent white beans, which are eaten with chorizo, pig’s ear and fried trout from the river.

The chanfaina is a very popular stew based in rice, boiled blood, lamb chops and various spices that is eaten especially on June 13th, the day that the Feria de Alba is celebrated. Another typical dish to eat in Alba de Tormes is the farinato, prepared with a base of bread crumbs, pork, onion and boiled egg in the style of an embutido sausage. You can also order hornazo, an empanada filled with chorizo and other sausages, as well a garlic soup with torreznos, eggs and minced ham.

Wash down this gastronomic experience with the large variety of wines in the region, like the Vino de los Arribes, Sierra de Salamanca, or Tierra del Vio de Zamora, all with Denomination of Origin. In terms of typical desserts, we recommend the yemas de Alba (“yolks of Alba”), pine nougat, candied almonds and meringues.

Come eat in Alba de Tormes!

Eating tapas in Alba de Tormes is a smart choice. We recommend the area around the Plaza Mayor, with views of the Church of San Juan. At Doña Matea they serve very good pinchos to go with one of their wines. Another option for eating in Alba de Tormes is Vinoteca Venecia Mezquita, which, as its name suggests, is specialized in wine. There’s also Fidel Martín Martín, a typical old-fashioned bar.

A little farther away is Bodeguilla del Lazarillo de Tormes, where we recommend the toasts with sirloin steak and cheese, for licking your fingers!

Doña Matea
Doña Matea
Fidel Martín Martín

Here we highlight some of the restaurants where you can eat in Alba de Tormes. At La Perdiz they serve homemade food at a good price. You can enjoy a daily combination menu for 15€. At the elegant restaurant in the hotel Don Fadrique, on the outskirts of town, the food is classic but also modern, with special attention to in-season ingredients. At Mussa Bar, with sophisticated decor, they make a great variety of tapas, but you can also eat from a more substantial menu a la carte.

Finally, for eating in Alba de Tormes, you can go to Restaurante De La Santa and taste the typical tostón roast or lamb chops.

Don Fadrique
Don Fadrique

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