Eating in Fromista

Eating in Fromista

In the middle of the Jacobean Route, you will run into Fromista. Fromista cuisine is characterized by typical Tierra de Campos products. It is a cuisine with dishes that are very different from one another. There are not many restaurants and bars in Fromista, but the quality of these establishments will surprise you.

If you want to know what to eat in Fromista its main dish is the roasted lamb. You can also find stews with game meat, like hare or partridge, and other dishes like garlic soup (bread, eggs, garlic and paprika). Products from hunting are present in both stews and tapas (such as ham, bacon or sausage). Frómista is known for their sheep cheese that ages for more than one year.

queso fromista
liebre vegetales fromista
rosquilla palo

As for pastries, the most typical are the blanquillos or sequillos, the magdalenas and the famous rosquillas de palo or de San Telmo. These dishes can be accompanied with a drink named esparceta, made with wine.

A good place for tapas is La Venta del Boffard, in an 18th century building, respectfully rehabilitated next to the San Martín Church, which has a café-bar, restaurant and store. Its specialties include artisan toast and natural products and they offer a gourmet menu for travelers. This place is filled with charm.

Among the different establishments to eat in Fromista the most noteworthy choice is Hostería de los Palmeros, located in an old hospital for travelers. This restaurant offers traditional cuisine with seasonal products from Tierra de Campos and fish from La Coruña and Santander. It offers assorted breads, lamb for a reasonable price and homemade desserts, like the tocino de cielo.

In Asador Villa de Fromista they offer excellent meat with great sides, like their homemade potatoes. We recommend the stewed chickpeas and suckling pig. They also have daily specials.

Los Palmeros
Asador Villa de Frómista

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