Eating in Dueñas

Eating in Dueñas

To the south of Palencia, the town of Dueñas offers a typical Castilian cuisine with its own touch. The typical dishes from the province have their own touch in Dueñas. However, there are not many bars or restaurants to enjoy the cuisine. Although, we know you will take advantage of the few they have!

If you want to know what to eat in Dueñas the most popular dishes are the classic lamb roast, Castilian soup, garlic soup and Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos stew, that has legumes with D.O.P. In autumn, the restaurant menus offer seasonal mushrooms, grilled or scrambled. They prepare recipes from game meat, like snails with ham and eggs.

pasteleria duenas

Crawfish and trout are also typical. Among vegetables, tomatoes, beans, collard greens and onions are used to make stew with game meat such as hare, quail or pigeon. Dueñas is within the Vino Cigales Route that has certificate of origin. For pastries, the most popular are the torrijas, magdalenas, and buñuelos los abisinios, a typical dessert in the area.

In the restaurant Zamorano they offer homemade cuisine at a hostel right off the road. You can order sandwiches and tapas to share, although it also has delicious specials. The cream of zucchini is a tasty and healthy option.

Restaurante Zamorano
Restaurante Zamorano

There are not many establishments where you can eat in Dueñas, but we will highlight a few. La Parrilla del Escudero is the perfect place to eat grilled meat. They have daily specials at an affordable price. Among the dishes we recommend are the ensalada de Cecina, the lamb and the goat cheese.

In Palencia, (17 km away) we recommend La Traserilla, a restaurant inside a 19th century apartment with modern décor. They offer traditional and modern cuisine. They have tapas and daily specials, such as the mango salad, ensalada de pasta templada with cigales and mushrooms, merluza rellena and roasted lamb. Enjoy!

La Traserilla
Parrilla del Escudero

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