Eating in Ampudia

Eating in Ampudia

This Palencian town offers many options to enjoy its cuisine, ranging from stews to various products like ham and pork. There is more to Ampudia then their delicious pastries, such as its delicious breads. However, there are not many bars and restaurants where you can eat in Ampudia. So, choosing where to eat will be much easier!

In the Tierra de Campos region, Ampudia offers an extensive variety of culinary products, some with D.O.P. like the Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos. If you want advice about what to eat in Ampudia, you can try the lechazo churro, with authentic Castilian flavor, which takes hard work and dedication to create the perfect taste. If you travel during the winter, you can enjoy the garlic soup that is typical of this area, made with water, hard bread, garlic and paprika.

Being a region where game meat is important, there is a wide variety of dishes with products from pork, sausage, ham and bacon. On the other hand, game meat is also important at the Palencia table. You can enjoy partridge or quail stews.

For dessert, Ampudia makes picones (donuts made with wine and oil) and the original panes de mosto (bread that uses grape-juice instead of water).

There are not many establishments to eat in Ampudia, but we will highlight three restaurants in the following two sections.

The Mesón de Ampudia offers traditional Castilian cuisine and some innovative dishes like chickpeas with shrimp. It is a great local stop to enjoy tapas. A simple place where you can enjoy potatoes with ali-oli or delicious torreznos.

Meson de Ampudia
Mesón Ampudia

In El Arambol de La Casa del Abad you will find both Palencian and international cuisine. A local spot to eat a good Iberian sirloin.

The restaurant CTR Villa y Corte serves traditional homemade cuisine and lechazo por encargo. With weekend specials, the roasted wood-fire oven and garlic soup will surprise you.

Restaurante del CTR Villa y Corte
El Arambol de La Casa del Abad

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