Eating in Aguilar de Campoo

Eating in Aguilar del Campoo

If you want to eat in Aguilar de Campoo you will find a wide variety of fish and meat dishes. In the Palencia province, this town is known for its cookies. As for restaurants and bars to eat at in Aguilar de Campoo, there are not too many but they are all great quality. This town is perfect for a culinary escape.

Famous for its cookies, Aguilar de Campoo has a variety of cuisine due to its geographic location. If you want to know what to eat in Aguilar de Campoo, you can choose between fish and seafood dishes, from the nearby sea (105 km from Santander). This town will offer typical regional dishes like garlic soup, palentina veal, and roasted lamb.

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In this region pork has a strong presence so it is normal to find many dishes and tapas made with sausages and other byproducts. If you want to taste a good hot dish made with products from the land, you can choose between a delicious legumes stew, a potato stew with marinated meat or seasonal mushrooms.

To finish, you can order a Nestar cheese (from the neighboring town) with jam or some homemade dessert like fried milk or flan. Besides the famous Anguilar cookies, there are several pastry workers who make good pastries and in Clarisas Convent you can even buy pastries prepared by nuns.

If you enjoy tapas, around Plaza Mayor you will find many bars and terraces. The restaurant Cortés has great tapas. This tapas bar has large portions and the ability to eat on a charming terrace.

In Cortés, you will find fish and seafood from the Cantábrico as well as meat from the Palentina mountain and trout from the river.

El Barón is located in an old 17th century house. It serves Castilian cuisine, palentine meat, grilled vegetables and homemade desserts. It also has daily specials.

9 km away, the restaurant in the rural hotel El Convento de Mave, which has already celebrated its 25th anniversary, offers traditional Castilian cuisine and sophisticated, innovative new dishes, like the ‘carne benedictina’. We recommend making a reservation so you can order the lamb.

El Convento de Mave
Restaurante Cortés

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