Eating in San Isidro

Eating in San Isidro

San Isidro is an important ski station of the Cantabrian Mountains within the province of Leon. If you’re coming to practice this sport at the station, you’ll be interested to known where to eat in San Isidro in order to regain your strength. Here are our recommendations.

The traditional gastronomy of of San Isidro, a town framed by mountains, is a result of the necessities created by the climate, isolation, and rural economy over the course of several centuries. The local recipes are therefore full of strong and powerful flavors.

Hunting and fishing are widespread activities in San Isidro, due to which it is possible to enjoy magnificent trout and different meat stews. With their own ingredients locals prepare stews like cocido montañés, lamb caldereta, and chanfaina.

cadereta cordero

Like any region in Leon, the artisanal embutidos (a kind of sausage) are also largely present amongst all that can be eaten in San Isidro.

Given the floral richness and variety of these mountains, honey is another representative product of the local gastronomy.

As for desserts, the region has some specialties, such as the famous nicanores de Boñar, a pastry made from a century-old recipe.

At the ski slopes you can go the restaurant at the hotel Hostal Pico Agujas and have some tapas in San Isidro. Another option is to go to Mirasierra in the close town of Puebla de Lillo, 14km away. Their food is cheap and high-quality, and they have delicious toasts, ideal to have with your drink.

Restaurante Mirasierra

It’s easy to find good restaurants in San Isidro and the towns nearby. In Isoba there is Casa Federico, a very popular establishment where they prepare a meal with strong local roots, particularly the grilled meats, game stews and other similar recipes.

In Puebla de Lillo we recommend Madrid, a local classic that offers an ample variety of soups and stews, as well as other dishes unique to the mountainous area; simple but flavorful and rich.

Another good option for eating in this locality is the restaurant at the hostel Ruta del Porma, where they offer a menu based in the regional culinary tradition, notable for their quality meats and traditional stews.

Hostal Ruta del Porma
Casa Federico

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