Eating in Rabanal del Camino

Eating in Rabanal del Camino

Rabanal del Camino is a village that owes its importance to the pilgrimage. It belongs to the Maragateria region, in the Leon province. If you are thinking about what to eat in Rabanal del Camino it’s obvious that you cannot leave without trying the cooked maragato. It is perfect for the traveler who wants to regain their strength.

There are many dishes to eat in Rabanal del Camino but the most famous is the cooked maragato. This recipe is made in a clay pot with chickpeas, hen, cabbage, leeks and cured meat. There are up to nine different meats in this dish! Interestingly, the order of the stew is the exact opposite of the Castilian version, first serving the meat, followed by the vegetables and finally the soup. It is normal to finish this stew with a delicious custard or cake.

caballa escabechada
cocido maragato

To accompany a meal in Rabanal del Camino there is nothing better than some of the wines with certificate of origin, such as el Bierzo and Tierra de León.

In addition to meat, fish are a main ingredient in many recipes especially cod, conger eel and mackerel. Finally, the trout, from the nearby Duerna and Eria rivers, are exquisite thanks to their natural habit free of contamination.

If you want to eat tapas in Rabanal del Camino keep in mind that it is a small town and its restaurants are mostly in hostels. Below, in the meals section we will tell you some of your options.

The options for eating in Rabanal del Camino are based on different lodging establishments. One option may be the restaurant offered by La Posada de Gaspar with typical maragata food. You can also eat in La Posada el Tesín known for their quality food. Most hostels offer homemade meals. Finally, La Candela is a great option especially if you love desserts. You cannot miss the cheesecake. In all the local spots, you will find a traveler menu at a good price.

La Candela
La Posada de Gaspar

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