Eating in Ponferrada

Eating in Ponferrada

Ponferrada, capital of the El Bierzo region in the Leon province, is a city worth knowing. It received its name from a bridge built for travelers since it is a stop on the Way to Santiago. Eating in Ponferrada will allow you to discover the rich El Bierzo cuisine, so don’t miss it!

If you want to know what to eat in Ponferrada, capital of the El Bierzo region, here you will find all kinds of dishes from Bercian cuisine starting with the famous botillo (a thick meat stuffed with pieces of marinated pork and served with cachelos). This area is known for their good meats that use a traditional curation process thanks to the temperatures of the local climate. Cow and goat meat are also specialties within the province and region.

Additionally, in Ponferrada you will have the opportunity to try an extensive variety of empanadas stuffed with meat, vegetables, tuna, octopus, sardines or parrochas, along with the delicious El Bierzo roasted peppers with I.G.P. (both canned and roasted), trout, and European eel stews.

empanada ponferrada
manzana reineta

You will find wines of international prestige such as El Bierzo wine or Tierra de León wine, both with certificate of origin. The El Bierzo climate favors the growth of manzanas reinetas with D.O.P. and other fruits like cherries. It is also full of chestnut and walnut trees. As for pastries, manzanas reinetas are used in many desserts, such as apple pie (a pastry dough with a bed of custard under thin pieces of roasted apple) or bizcocho with apple.

Several restaurants in Ponferrada participate in the Jornadas Gastronómicas del Bierzo that are celebrated in the region for almost two months between the months of October and December.

Eating tapas in Ponferrada can be a good option, but the possibilities are endless so we have selected our favorite local places. We start with Gundín, perfect for eating typical Castilian tapas. Another place is La Destilería, where the manchego cheese with sardines or cured meats is noteworthy. You can accompany your tapas with one of the great wines they serve here.

You can also eat in La Manduca and try their excellent mollejas de pollo. On the other hand, if you prefer fish, we recommend the Taberna San Andrés to eat octopus tapas or La Bodeguilla to try the clams and squid. Although they also serve mítico lacón with peppers.

La Destilería

You can enjoy an extensive offering of restaurants and taverns when eating in Ponferrada. The restaurant Violeta, in the Aroi Bierzo Plaza hotel, has become a model restaurant that hosts several culinary contests.

Another good restaurant is Bernain with an extensive menu (cold dishes, hot dishes, seafood, and desserts). Also, Casa Noval, has a spacious dining room and terrace perfect for enjoying summer nights. Their cuisine is made with fresh quality products.

Finally, Azul Montearenas, a classic restaurant that opened in 1957, specializes in events, banquets and weddings.

Azul Montearenas

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