Eating in Peñalba de Santiago

Eating in Peñalba de Santiago

Peñalba de Santiago is considered one to be one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Situated in the Valle de Silencio (Valley of Silence) in the province of Leon, it is a unique tourist attraction. If you decide to visit this beautiful place, we recommend that you stop to eat in Peñalba de Santiago.

The small locality of Peñalba de Santiago, in the Valle de Silencio, belongs to the El Bierzo region and therefore has a typical Bercian gastronomy. Along with the botillo con cachelos, garbanzos and repollo, berzas or grelos (recognized as a León specialty), you can taste other dishes like the caldo de la montaña (“stew of the mountain”), composed of beans or chickpeas, potatoes, and cabbage.

Game meats are very important, as in the rest of the municipalities in the region of Castile (pigeon, quail, hare, deer), as well as the trout, which is highly valued. The local orchards offer fresh produce for making exquisite menestras and peppers that will later by roasted for use in typical local dishes like lacón con pimientos.

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Also important is the delicious octopus with potatoes, typical to the northern regions of the peninsula, and the “chorizos escalados”. You can pair these dishes with Bierso or Tierra de Leon wine, both with Denomination of Origin.

The chestnut, an important local ingredient, offers numerous desserts like biscuits, cakes, muffins, cookies, and sweet chestnuts in syrup. Very famous are the magostos, with chestnuts roasted in the tambor oven, that are made in this small town during the months of winter.

To finish your meal you can try the local coffee, which is typically accompanied by white Marc.

There aren’t any tapas bars in Peñalba de Santiago, but you can try the only two restaurants in the area, where they serve a few tapas “a la carta”. At Aromas del Oza you can order a tapa of lacón con pimientos or some croquettes, and at La Cantina, you can have some delicious embutidos.

There are just two restaurants in Peñalba de Santiago, a small town pertaining to the municipality of Ponferrada with just 21 inhabitants. At La Cantina, they make homemade food and botillo on request. At the bar-restaurant Aromas del Oza, they offer a dish of the day, menus for groups and a daily combination menu. Both benefit from a natural environment, quiet and beautiful.

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