Eating in Leon

Eating in Leon

Leon, capitol of the ancient medieval kingdom, is a city with a magnificent past that can be observed in its streets. It’s the perfect destination to escape for a weekend and see, amongst other things, one of the most extraordinary Spanish cathedrals. Eating in Leon is also a touristic attraction, due to its interesting gastronomy with Asturian and Galician influences. Here we help you decide where to eat in Leon.

The gastronomy of Leon is based in rich products and tradition. It will be difficult to decide what to eat in Leon due to the variety of dishes in the local cuisine. There are also influences from Asturian and Galician cuisine.

Pork and its by-products are a prominent element of the city’s gastronomy: the chorizo of Leon, morcilla de Leon… Another typical star product is cecina de Leon, made with beef and sometimes goat meat, which is exquisite and difficult to find. All of these delicacies are made in the old style, handmade and treated “al humo” (smoked).

Other traditional dishes that you have to try in Leon are the Botillo de Bierzo (with I.G.P.) with cachelos (boiled potatoes), cocido maragato (with soup served at the end of the meal, unlike that served in Madrid), and the olla berciana.

tapas leon
botillo leon
queso azul

There is also trout, which comes from the rivers of the province and is prepared in a variety of recipes (roasted, pickled, in soup…).

In terms of produce, the town harvests white beans, green beans, tomatoes, garlic-leeks, pimientos asados del Bierzowith I.G.P.—present in stews like estofados and potajes and prepared in the most traditional style. Amongst the many cheeses to eat in Leon, the Queso de Valdeón with I.G.P. stands out. Also important are the Bierzo and Tierra de Leon wines, both with Denomination of Origin. The tapas in this city are famous, and are free and generous when ordered with wine or another drink.

As for dessert in the town of Leon, you’ll find all of the provincial specialties: mantecadas de Astorga (small cakes), nicanores (a kind of cookie), yemas and imperialies de La Bañeza… and you can’t forget the trout cake of Boñar. Yes, trout. It can be shocking at fist, but it’s a classic in a region where trout is highly appreciated.

Finally, if you visit Leon during Holy Week, you can’t miss attending the Entierro de Genarín, a festival without any waste.

For eating in Leon, how can we not talk about the tapas in the local bars and restaurants! The Húmedo neighborhood, as well as others like el Romántico or Eras de Renueva, are all known for their tapas. The Cervecería Odín, on the path that connects Ordoño II and Burgo Nuevo, is a small establishment with spectacular pinchos served with drinks. An obligatory stop after visiting the Catedral de Leon. Another option for eating in León is the Cervecería Las Tapas, with every possible drink you could think of, where you can order a ‘sartenuca’ (as they call it) with french fries, egg and bacon, blood sausage or picadillo (your choice) and a bit of bread.

In the Barrio Romántico we highlight Camarote Madrid, with great tapas of  paella, salmorejo, and patatas caseras. In this area you can also try Bar la Trébede and try their tapas with chorizo a la sidra, cheeses, picadillos

In the Barrio Húmdeo, Bar El Infierno, you can have high-quality embutido (a kind of sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), octopus and squid. Another place for a good blood sausage in this neighborhood is Bar la Bicha. And very close to these two places is Bacanal, where you can have a typical cecina de Leon.

Another interesting place for more contemporary tapas is Becook, a restaurant with a short menu that fuses local products and exotic flavors.

Cervecería Odín
Bar La Trébede

There is a large offering of restaurants and bars where you can eat in Leon, and here we highlight a few of the highly recommendable ones. The Bodega Regia is the emblematic restaurant of Posada Regia, currently running on its third generation, that offers traditional cuisine.

At Cocinandos, a welcoming space, the modernity of Leon comes from the hands of Juanjo and Yolanda, a married couple with experience in prestigious restaurants throughout the country; local in-season products with a few outside ingredients. They just serve a tasting menu with a reasonable quality-price ratio.

Another option for eating in Leon is the restaurant Zuloaga, named for being the portal work of the ceramist Daniel Zuloaga. It occupies part of what was once the residence of Count Consorte de Sagasta, and now conserves original paintings and is considered to be National Artistic Patrimony. The restaurant was the winner of XLVIII International Trout Contest in the Leon tapas section.

At La Poveda, they offer high-quality homemade food at the center of the capitol.

Restaurante Zuloaga
Bodega Regia

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