Eating in Leitariegos

Eating in Leitariegos

The Leitariegos ski resort is in the town of Villablino (Leon). It is the perfect escape for families who want to learn to ski or individuals who want to strengthen their skills. After spending the morning skiing, you will need to find a place to eat in Leitariegos and we can help!

All of those that eat in Leitariegos use traditional cuisine from the Laciana region as their point of reference. Pork, or samartino, is the most popular food in an area where traditional cold-cut meat is a main dish. So, sausages, cured meat, ham, loin, blood sausage and botillos are identified as essential in most local kitchens. More complex recipes are made with some of these cured meats like in the case of the empanada del país, which includes sausage, bacon and loin among other ingredients.

empanada chorizo
judias leon
sopa leitariagos

Another type of popular meat in the area is lamb, which can be eaten roasted or combined with other ingredients in traditional recipes like chanfaina and caldereta. They prepare several soups in Leitariegos with products from the garden that are also famous in Lacianniega cuisine. These soups are generally served during the second course and are very filling and typical within the montañesas area. Regarding pastries, in the area around the ski resort, it is easy to find several regional specialties like fisuelos, pionono or borrachines.

To eat tapas in Leitariegos you can go to the cafeteria or a restaurant within the ski resort, but in the nearby towns there are other options. For example, in Caboalles de Abajo (10 km away) you can enjoy tapas at Portal de León, an apartment hotel with a wide variety of tapas. You can also visit the bar Sardón, where they serve several octopus tapas in a cozy atmosphere.

Another option is near Villablino, 14 km away, at Royvi. It is a local spot with a more informal appearance and tone where you can eat good meat and local products both from the menu or as tapas.

Portal de León

In addition to the catering services at the ski resort, some nearby towns have good restaurants that prepare beautiful cuisine with a lacianiego taste. On the outskirts of Caboalles de Abajo, Reguera de Arco is a restaurant located in the middle of the forest that offers its own flavor to the cuisine of this region. Its main dish is the churrasco. Another option is the restaurant El Campillo, in Sosas de Laciana (20 km away). Its dining room is spacious, cozy, and casual. They serve a good sample of the simple and filling cuisine typical of the Laciana region.

Reguera de Arco
Portal de León

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