Eating in Las Medulas

Eating in Las Medulas

Las Medulas located in the El Bierzo region is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The landscape within Las Medulas is filled with unique beauty. But eating in Las Medulas will guarantee you enjoy homemade food based on the typical cuisine of the region.

If you are visiting this impressive landscape and you want to know what to eat, its cuisine is typical of the El Bierzo region, with specialties like the botillo (meat seasoned with different spices) with cachelos and grelos, collard greens or cabbage and Leon cuisine.

botillo leon

Villages like Cacabelos, Vega de Valcárcel or Villafranca invite you to try their cured meats and cheeses. The blood sausage, berciana empanada, cured meats, lacón with peppers, and octopus are all recommended. The Bierzo wine or the Tierra de León, both with certificates of origin, are perfect to pair with a meal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the local mountain stews made with game meat that are served in many restaurants throughout the region. They are filling and tasty. To finish the meal, you can try the café de puchero that is made in some of the local restaurants.

Eating in Las Medulas ensures you will enjoy a homemade cuisine. In this small town, the following places stand out. O Camiño Real is a restaurant with a large and beautiful garden where you will receive a free tapa with each drink. You can also order one of their delicious tapas!

The Taberna Romana is perfect for drinking El Bierzo wine on its charming terrace. The ingredients they use are fresh and the bread that accompanies the food is excellent.

Finally, Bar Marife is great for regaining strength with its El Bierzo soup and exquisite cured meats.

O Camiño Real
Bar Marife

If you want to plan where to eat in Las Medulas, the hotel restaurant Medulio offers typical El Bierzo cuisine in a crystal dining room with incredible views. In Cacabelos, half an hour away via car (26 km), is the hotel restaurant Moncloa de San Lázaro, specializing in Berciana cuisine with a beautiful patio and terrace during the summer months. The hotel has a Palloza- a store where you can acquire handmade products without preservatives.

Restaurante del Hotel Moncloa de San Lázaro

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