Eating in Salas de los Infantes

Eating in Salas de los Infantes

Whoever goes to eat in Salas de los Infantes will find a great representation of Castilian cuisine. A place with strong dishes, where cooking with a firewood oven is very prominent. You can’t leave Salas de los Infantes without passing through its restaurants with great dishes like the chuletón a la parrilla.

Salas de los Infantes is land of jamón, though it is far from the areas that typically produce it. So if you want to know what to eat in Salas de los Infantes, try the jamón, which is at the same level of quality as fancier brands. You can also try the different kinds of pork sausages that are offered.

It’s impossible to leave Salas de los Infantes without having eaten a plate of huevos fritos with torreznos and morcilla de Burgos, as well as the alubias rojas. Since it’s a region that is completely granadera, pork is definitely not the only kind of meat you can try; many restaurants also offer asados de lechazo and cabrito.

corzo setas
pincho moruno
pincho morcilla

Since the year 1984, the Jornadas Micológicas de Salas de los Infantes, a festival that celebrates the importance of mushrooms, has taken place during four days in the month of November. At the festival, you can learn to harvest, cook and, of course, taste a large variety of mushrooms (boletus, níscalos, de cardo, senderillas…). In January, the city’s inhabitants typically celebrate the Fiesta de la Matanza for one day. If you like tapas, remember that they celebrate the Concurso de Tapas y Pinchos during a long weekend in May. For dessert, pastas de manteca and rosquillas de anís are typical in Salas de los Infantes.

To eat tapas in Salas de los Infantes, you can go to the number of bars in the area that have won titles in the tapas competitions that have been happening for years. The local Mi Bar offers a varied menu with tapas as well as larger portions in a family atmosphere. They have a terrace where you can enjoy the fresh air, but for service you will have to go up to the counter.

Found amongst the many restaurants to eat at in Salas de los Infantes is El Pelayo, where they serve “cocido pelendón” and embutidos from the area, highly recommended by our community of travelers. It’s a perfecto restaurant to go to with family and friends.

The restaurant at the hotel Azúa, specialized in meat and seafood, is small but pleasant. If you want to eat off of a menu in Salas de los Infantes, they have a daily menu that is affordable and substantial.

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Hostal Azúa
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El Pelayo

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