Eating in Oña

Eating in Oña

What can you eat in Oña? Eating in Oña is always a good choice. The variety of dishes will surprise you, whether you are thinking of getting tapas or more substantial plates. Here we’ll show you the best restaurants and bars in which you can taste a variety of mushrooms as well as order homemade morcilla. Their desserts also stand out, like the “rocas de Oña” or, if you prefer something lighter, the indigenous apples and cherries.

The enormous splendor that Oña had earlier in history has been reduced to a small but beautiful town. Because it benefits from a microclimate, many diverse fruit species, such as apples, cherries, and above all reinetas, of very high quality are cultivated there. Black and white alubia beans, called “de ramillo”, also stand out.

A large quantity of mushrooms can be found both on the plateaus and in the forests of Oña, especially níscalos and boletus in autumn and perrechicos in the Spring.

The tradition of home pig slaughter has been lost, but you will still find great sausages in Oña. If you want to know what to eat in Oña, the homemade morcillas, specifically with rice, is a common product that is very famous, as well as the roscas de chorizo.

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On Easter Sunday, children and young people buy roscas de chorizo and go to the mountain to eat them in the afternoon. The tradition has actually extended to all ages and now also includes rosquillas de morcilla, bonito, and verduras. The Thursday before Ash Wednesday, they celebrate the day of  “La Chorcilla”, in which a meat feast symbolizes a farewell to indulgence and entrance into Lent. The asados, de cordero, and cabrito are all typical products in Burgos, in addition to meat stews of both small and large game as well as jalabí and corzo, meats with a particularly strong flavor. An alternative to those could be the trout, which are abundant in the Oca river. In the pastures of Barcina de los Montes, there’s a quesería that makes sheep’s milk cheese. A typical dessert is “rocas de Oña”, candies made with chocolate, almonds and dough. Now you know what to eat in Oña!

For tapas in Oña, we recommend Bar Quintana, which has an expansive selection of skewers and great wine. There’s also the Bar Deportivo, which has a terrace with a view of the Plaza Mayor in Oña.

comer ona bar quintana
Bar Quintana
comer ona bar deportivo
Bar Deportivo

There are various restaurants to eat at in Oña. El Rincón del Convento offers homemade food with in-season products from their orchard and others in the area. At La Muralla, they serve traditional cuisine and fresh game. It’s an ideal place for celebrations, since they have a large wine cellar where they organize wine tastings. At El Cazador, they are specialized in game dishes, particularly the corzo and jabalí. Blanco y Negro is an unusual restaurant with Castilian-Senegalese fusion cuisine that is normally open during the summer season.

comer ona restaurante cazador
El Cazador
comer ona restaurante blanco y negro
Blanco y Negro

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