Eating in Medina de Pomar

Eating in Medina de Pomar

We’ve come to an area in the region of Las Merindades, which is famous for the quality of its products. What must one always eat in Medina de Pomar? Mushrooms and meat are a sure bet. In terms of restaurants, more substantial plates are more common than tapas, although there are some bars where you can eat at the bar and try a bit of everything.

If you want to know what to eat in Medina de Pomar, they are known for their lechugas batavia—or lechugas de Medina—that have been cultivated there for generations. Additionally, the potatoes and vegetables are generally of great quality. This is a land of mushrooms and, if you visit during the season, you can’t miss the rich dishes made with them, such as champiñones de la medinesa, the níscalo al convento or the revuelto de perrechicos, aromatic mushrooms that are harvested between April and May. For more daring diners there are snails with mushroom sauce.

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Being a true Burgos town, in Medina a predominant dish is the carne de cordero, preferably the lechal asado. You can also find excellent pork sausages as well as beef from Las Merindades. In terms of seafood, trout with bacon is typical. If you like sampling smaller portions, you will find elaborate tapas in the bars and restaurants in the region. Finally, it is recommended that you try some of the artisanal desserts of the area, like las pastas de Santa Casilda and, above all, las herraduras, a puff pastry in the unusual shape of a horseshoe.

For eating tapas in Medina de Pobar, we recommend Café Tres Cantones. Amongst their variety of pinchos the croqueta de boletus stands out, with a very smooth flavor. Their great customer service is also notable.

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Café Tres Cantones

There are some diverse places to eat in Medina de Pomar. In the asador La Cabaña, with a firewood oven, you’ll find a great quality-price ratio. At first the location is not very exciting, but the food is very good. Our community of travelers recommends the ensalada templada and the grilled meats.

The restaurant San Francisco, named for the fact that it’s located in a space belonging to the old Convent of San Francisco—still recognizable in some architectural elements—serves homemade food at a great price. If you want to order larger portions from a menu in Medina de Pomar, this is the place for you.

In Horna (8.5 km) the meson El Cid serves a proper meal in a family setting. You can eat in a group because the portions are quite large.

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El Cid
comer medina pomar restaurante san francisco
San Francisco

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