Eating in Belorado

Eating in Belorado

If you are thinking of visiting Belorado, you can’t leave without first passing through the tapas bars or enjoying one of the city’s rich menus. Eating in Belorado can be a complete pleasure. One of the foods that you can’t miss on your visit is the caparrón, a red bean typical to the region. Additionally, the city’s proximity to the Rioja and the Tirón river provides a rich variety of produce: onions, garlic, peppers, leeks…We recommend the following restaurants for eating in Belorado.

Eating in Belorado is a true delight. One of the foods that you have to eat in Belorado is the caparrón, a red bean with a shorter, rounder seed than other, more typical varieties. From this vegetable is made an excellent dish that continues to excite all who try it: the red bean stew with meat and vegetables satisfies even the most demanding of tastes.

Due to Belorado’s proximity to the Rioja and fertile land benefited by the Tirón river, the huerta beliforana (the local orchard) offers an original and rich variety of products: onions, garlic, peppers, leeks, etc.

lechazo belorado

Since it couldn’t be another way in the province of Burgos, the morcilla, or blood sausage, is another essential part of the local cuisine. In some homes, people incorporate ingredients other than the typical peppers, such as clove, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, anise…

Finally, the lechazo (roasted lamb) has a great reputation, and it’s almost mandatory to stop and try it. The meat, with a smooth and juicy texture and a very pleasant flavor, has always been a valued dish of the region.

The best area is around the Plaza Mayor. There are many options for tapas in Belorado. Our recommendation is Etoile, a bar that offers skewers, small dishes and combined plates. There is also a “pilgrim menu” that offers more substantial dishes. Another option is the Restaurante-Bar Bulevar, which is in the same style as Etoile but offers free wifi.

comer belorado etoile
comer belorado bulevar

For eating from a menu, the hostels el Camino de Santiago offer abundant menus with economic prices. A great option for eating in Belorado is the hostel-restaurant Cuatro Cantones. Here you’ll find cuisine typical to the region prepared with quality ingredients. There is also El Caminante, with a daily menu for only 10€!

comer belorado cuatro cantones
comer belorado cuatro cantones

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