Eating in Atapuerca

Eating in Atapuerca

Atapuerca is an authentically “prehistoric” region in which, far from the “Paleolithic diet”, there is actually a very interesting and flavorful gastronomy surrounding the local alubia de Ibeas (bean of Ibeas); to the extent that many residents of the Burgos region escape their cities to come and enjoy it (including on weekdays). It’s therefore possible to eat very well in Atapuerca, the most prominent dishes being alubia stew, garlic soup and lamb chops. If you decide that you’d like to get to know world-famous Atapuerca, don’t miss our recommendations for restaurants and tapas bars in Ibeas de Juarros.

Long before discovering the famous site of Atapuerco, Ibeas de Juarros already had a reputation as a source of some of the best alubias in Spain. Without a doubt, it is absolutely necessary to eat alubia stew in Atapuerca. The alubia is an unusual legume because it doesn’t have the normal “kidney” shape, but rather that of an oval. It is typically 15 millimeters long and 8 millimeters wide. The stew is very mild and has a fine flavor; a unique characteristic is the broth that it produces, which is thick and potent and has a rich chocolate color. The alubia’s quality is typically apparent in the preservation of its skin when boiled slowly (much more than other bean varieties). The dish that you must try in Atapuerca is therefore olla podrida, a stew prepared with red alubia, morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, oreja, etc…typical to Ibeas de Juarros.

plato con setas
olla podrida atapuerca

Secondly, we suggest a meat dish selected from a wide offering that spans from classic Castilian roasts to chuletitas de lechazo and las carnes a la brasa (grilled meats) in general. Game meat is also present in the menus of some restaurants, including partridge, quail, and pichones guisados (stewed pigeon). And, of course, a Ribera del Duero wine with D.O.. To finish the meal, if you want dessert we recommend the sheep’s milk cheese.

The tapas bars in Atapuerca are a great option. If necessary, it’s possible to eat small portions quickly in Ibeas de Juarros. In the restaurant El Palomar, with a garden-terrace, you can enjoy a variety of portions, in addition to eating from the menu. It’s worth the trouble of getting there to enjoy the restaurant’s rustic interior.

El Palomar

Just a 3-minute drive from the site of Atapuerca, you can find the Hotel Camino de Santiago that also has a restaurant. Here you will be able to find food food at a food price.

The most prestigious place to eat in Atapuerca is the restaurant Comosapiens, established in an old haystack during the 19th century. It offers a curated menu of local products at a reasonable price, and also has a menu for Celiacs.

Just 2 km away in Olmos, you can find Mesón los Hidalgos, which offers homemade food. There we recommend los garbanzos and el entrecot.

comer atapuerca restaurante los hidalgos
Los Hidalgos
comer atapuerca restaurante como sapiens
Como Sapiens

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