Eating in Lunada

Eating in Lunada

Lunada is a small ski resort. What can you eat in Lunada? Right at the resort, not much. There is a sufficient offering in the resort cafeteria, but the dining options on the outskirts of town are much more plentiful.

We already mentioned that there is little to eat in Lunada. But the region boasts a variety of quality cuisine that makes their products unique. You can not go to Lunada without eating the beef and lamb, both roasted and grilled. The embutidos (handmade pork sausages) are another part of the identity in the region. The morcillas de Villarcayo (blood sausage), are known for their prestige and national recognition. From the garden, the lechugas de Medina de Pomar (lettuce), a product subject to complete control that ensures its quality and taste, are famous.

lechuga lunada

Milk products are present in the culinary tradition of this area, where they produce excellent cheeses, butters and other similar products. As for sweets, the local honey has a well-deserved reputation thanks to its qualities such as the flavor, that is a mix between sweet and bitter, and the recognizable dark color.

If you want to eat in Lunada, Cafetería Lunada is the perfect place to replenish your strength after a day in the snow and mountains. A nice space where you can not miss the wood burning fireplace. You can enjoy combination dishes, hamburgers, bocadillos (sandwiches) and tapas, all made with local products.

There are also options in the nearby town Espinosa de los Monteros. We suggest the bar Mena, a very popular option in the village thanks to the quality of its products and the variety it offers.

comer espinosa monteros bar olmo
Bar Olmo en Espinosa de los Monteros

It is possible to find great restaurants to eat at in Lunada and the surrounding area, especially in the town of Espinosa de los Monteros. The Hotel Torre in Berrueza has a well-valued restaurant where they offer traditional Burgos cuisine and a great selection of fresh fish, all in an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Another recommended place to eat at is La Mantequería, a spacious resort complex with a menu that offers a great selection of local products and regional recipes to all of their customers. This restaurant also specializes in banquet organization for weddings and other similar occasions.

comer lunada torre berrueza
Solomillos de Torre de Berrueza
comer lunada torre berrueza
Arroz con foie de Torre de Berrueza

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