Eating in Mombeltran

Eating in Mombeltran

In this town, you will find all kinds of vegetables, fruits and legumes directly from the garden. Additionally, if you are looking for a filling dish, the Avila meat is an unbeatable option. There is not much variety within Mombeltran’s restaurants, but its cuisine is delicious and full of quality products.

Mombeltran, a village honored with the Castle of the Dukes of Alburquerque, emerges as an ideal place for the cultivation of all kinds of vegetables, legumes and fruits. It has an extensive population of breeding animals, so it is an area with terrific cuisine.  If you want to know what to eat in Mombeltrán we suggest the chuleton de Avila, with an official brand (pork chop made from Avila meat that possess I.G.P.), competing in quality and recognition with the caldereta de cabrito. In their recipes you can observe influence from Extremadura cuisine, but Mombeltran doesn’t lose its territorial distinction.

patatas revolconas
chorizo monbeltran

The Mombeltran diet is based on dishes whose main ingredients are legumes and potatoes, and products from hunting, like sausage, ham or bacon. Other frequent dishes in this town located in the Barranco Valley, are the patatas revolconas, common throughout the region, the sopa de cachuelas, the wild asparagus tortilla and the Tietar crabs in salsa.

During Easter celebrations, during the celebration of the Monda it is tradition to sample tortilla with sausage, loin and ham in a bread roll. As for bakeries, you will find many types of pastries but the best are the perrunillas, the bizcocho de San Esteban, the rosquillas de escaldaillo, the nuegados, empanadas de cabello de angel, arrope and the calostros. During Christmas, the classics are polvorones, nevaditos and mantecaditos.

At bar El Baila you will find tapas and dishes, like the stuffed avocados. Perfect to go with the family or a large group, the meat here has a good reputation. You can eat a tapas lunch or dinner!

There are several restaurants and bars where you can eat in Mombeltran and we will mention some of them. In the Rincón del Ángel you will find traditional cuisine with a creative touch in a mid-19th century house with a charming terrace. They serve cuchifrito, bacalao con pisto, patatas revolconas…a wide variety of options!

In the restaurant Los Chapales, with a summer terrace, you can enjoy traditional cuisine at an affordable price. It is the perfect location to celebrate any event. Their arroz ibérico will surprise you.

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