Eating in Santoña

Eating in Santoña

Santoña is located in the region or Trasmiera, surrounded by the Cantabric Ocean. This already tells us a lot about the gastronomy of the place, as eating in Santoña means fish and seafood. Enjoy the cuisine and the gastonomy journeys as well as the bars and restaurants to eat in Santoña. Let’s go!

The maritime village of Santoña is known for the entire world for its anchovies. But why are they so famous? After being canned with salt for months. the bocartes are sliced manually and canned following another artisan process. The Cantabrian bocarte is also different from the one that lives in the Mediterranean waters.

If you visit the village in May, you might be able to go to the Feria de la Anchoa y la Conserva de Cantabria. This is a perfect place to taste and buy this treasure, and also to try the canned bonito. The visitors will be able to learn the method of the salazón (salted food). As in any other coastal village from Cantabria, here you will find the marmita de bonito (a stew made of bonito, pepper, onion and tomato), roasted sardines and seasonal fish and seafood that come from the fish market of Santoña, where the verdel (mackerel), specially fished during March and April, is popular.

In 2014 the I Quincena Gastronómica del Verdel de Santoña was inaugurated. If you have doubts about what to eat in Santoña, we recommend the snails a la santoñesa, the chicharro al horno, the classic mordejones (small mussels), and the pastel de cabracho. Walk through its streets and taste the delicious roasted sardines pinchos and the grilled bonito. Don’t lose the opportunity to visit the Natural Park of the Marismas de Santoña, Victoria and Joyel.

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If you want to eat tapas, here you will find many taverns and bars. El Buciero, in the San Antonio square, is the oldest bar of the village – more than 90 years old. It offers simple tapas such as croquetas and chopitos. The Taberna de Berto, also very traditional, is located in the plaza del Peravillo and is the perfect place to order great anchovies. Close to the marquet, order some mussels at La Caraqueña.

La Esquina de Tasca is another bar where you should eat tapas in Santoña. Peppers stuffed with cod and cheese, a stew of shrimp and elver, eggs with chorizo… The portions are generous.

comer santona taberna berto
Taberna de Berto
comer santona bar buciero
Bar Buciero
comer santona bar caraquena
Bar La Caraqueña

When deciding where to eat in Santoña, you will find many great and varied options. The Restaurante de Pilar, a spectacular building in the Mirador de las Marinas, offers traditional food: fish, seafood, mostly from the local fishers, and excellent meat. The verdel meatballs are another great dish. You can also order some tapas, such as the rabas (calamari) and eat them in the terrace.

In the As de Guía, at the center of the village, a traditional cuisine with modern touches is served. It is specialized in rice and scrambled eggs. Seasonal food and avant-garde creations. One of their best dishes if the rice with lobster.

The restaurant of the hotel Juan de la Cosa, in the Berria beach, has its own seafood gardens. Many dining rooms are available, and it is specialized in hosting big events. This isn’t the best restaurant of our list.

In the restaurant La Tortuga you will find fish and meat. Cocido montañés, cod, beans with clams… A lot of variety.

comer santona restaurante pilar
Restaurante de Pilar
comer santona restaurante as guia
Restaurante As de Guía
comer santona restaurante juan cosa
Restaurante Juan de la Cosa

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