Eating in Cabezon de la Sal

Eating in Cabezon de la Sal

Located in the narrow pass of Santa Lucia, Cabezon de la Sal is surrounded bu the Saja Reserve. An excellent Cantabrian gastronomy that will make you enjoy if you decide to eat in Cabezon de la Sal. The dishes are prepared with great quality ingredients. Apart from the good quality, there are many restaurants in Cabezon de la Sal from where you are going to leave satisfied.

If you want to eat in Cabezon de la Sal, you will find many Cantabrian traditional dishes made with great ingredients. The Saturday market is famous in the whole region, and many farmers and ranchers participate in them. The cocido montañés is popular, made with white beans and chorizo, blood sausage and cabbage- It is very juicy.

Between the meats, we recommend the tudanca cow steak (this is a local Cantabrian breed that lives in semi-freedom, eating natural grass, what translates into a better quality meat). Due to its proximity to the Hunt Reserve of the Natural Park Saja-Besaya, many hunt dishes, such as beans with quail or deer, are offered.

Apart from the fish you can find in any Cantabrian village, the menus from Cabezon offer salmon and trout from the Saja river. The traditional desserts we recommend are the sheep cheese, the homemade cuajada, the leche frita and rice pudding. The palucos de Cabezón are really popular, and they are made with eggs, sugar, honey and coconut and have a cake texture. In Cabezon de la Sal, the first city council of Cantabria to demand the autonomy, each second Sunday of August the Day of Cantabria is celebrated. This is a great opportunity to discover the traditions of the town.

chuleton cabezon sal
guiso cabezon sal
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In order to eat tapas, croquetas and even hamburguers are great in a place called Hasta el Amanecer, a small restaurant with a great service and a huge wine selection. They will serve you a pincho along with your drink.

The Albacería de la Sal serves smaller quantities, but they are very innovative. you have to order a calamari tapa here, as well as embutidos (sausage) and a cheese platter.

Comer Cabezon Sal restaurante albaceria sal
Restaurante Albacería de la Sal
Comer Cabezon Sal restaurante hasta amanecer
Restaurante Hasta el Amanecer

In Ruente (7km away from Cabezon de la Sal) you will find Casa Nacho González with great quality but high prices. Their meats are great and they also have a daily menu.

El Remedio is located in Ruiloba (10km away), close to the chapel that has the same name, in a high place with amazing views to the sea and the village of Comillas. Excellent food, good service and great prices. One of their best dishes is the monkfish.

Comer Cabezon Sal casa nacho gonzalez
Casa Nacho González
Comer Cabezon Sal restaurante remedio
Restaurante El Remedio

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