Eating in Alto Campoo

Eating in Alto Campoo

The ski resort Alto Campoo is located in the Cantabrian mountain range. If you want to eat something in Alto Campoo, you will be lucky enough to taste the different flavors from Cantabria. The best option will be to get something to warm you up after a ski session. Are you coming?

The gastronomy of the village of Alto Campoo and its surroundings has some strong flavored recipes and products, such as the hunt meats (specially wild boar, roe deer and deer), the roasted lechazo and the famous calf chuletones, apart from some other traditional dishes such as the cocido campurriano. This last recipe, one of the most valued when eating in Alto Campoo, is a dish composed by white beans, cabbage, bacon, blood sausage and another pork byproducts.

The mushrooms that grow around the ski resort are also a frequent ingredient of the campurriana gastronomy, specially during the Fall, when they compose many regional stews and work as the base to other recipes such as the revueltos (scrambled eggs). Many villages close to the resort have a strong cheese and beekeeping tradition, reason why they make great products such as the honey. The presence of the dujos, bee hives that are produced with the empty trunks of the oaks, is also very interesting. Regarding the desserts, the rosquillas del Ebro and the pantorrillas are very popular in alto Campoo, its surroundings and regions such as Reinosa.

chuleton segura

In the hotel La Corza Blanca in Brañavieja (2km away) you will find a cafeteria where you can eat a bocadillo or get something to share.

comer alto campoo corza blanca
La Corza Blanca

It is hard to find good restaurants in Alto Campoo and its surroundings. In Brañavieja (2km away) we can find the hotel La Corza Blanca. Its restaurant offers a daily menu and a complete Campurriana traditional menu, perfect to finish a ski journey with. We recommend the soups so you can warm up after the snow.

Another good option in Alto Campoo is to drive to the restaurant Fuentebro, in Fontibre (20 kms away). This place changes its menu according to the seasonal products, offering a variety of dishes with a strong regional taste. It is also a welcoming local, surrounded by the beauty of the landscapes. Grilled octopus, cocido, meatballs…

Inside of the sky resort you will find a place to eat something fast: El Chivo, a perfect cafeteria to forget about the cold weather for a while.

comer alto campoo restaurante fuentebro
Restaurante Fuentebro

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