Eating in Laredo

Eating in Laredo

Laredo, the capital of the Eastern Coast region is surrounded by hills and bathed by the Cantabrian sea. If you are a fish lover, eating in Laredo is a great choice. The restaurants and bars here will offer you incredible recipes. 

When trying to decide what to eat in Laredo, you will find a great variety of recipes with local flavor. Most of them include fish or seafood. The typical dish is the seasonal bonito marmita or the famous anchovies (with oil or salting) that have made Cantabria a popular place, besides the roasted sardines. The Cantabrian seaside invites you to try some delicious clam, barnacles, lobster or scampi.

You can also enjoy other typical dishes such as the verdel meatballs (made of a local fish, one of the 48 types of mackerel that exist here), monkfish with green sauce and the respingos, a stew made with the tender leaves of the turnip, served with choricero pepper, bacon and chorizo, all cooked with garlic and onion (this is also served as a tapa). Come to Laredo during one of their culinary celebrations and try the specialties during the Ruta de la Tapa Imperial. Another occasion to get to know the local traditions if the Batalla de las Flores, declared a Touristic Interest National Party.

anchoas laredo
sardinas baga
plato laredo

In La Cabaña you are going to be able to eat tapas and bocadillos. In La Casona you can choose between tapas and portions, apart from their economic menu. The shrimps and rejos will surprise you.

The bar El Túnel is a charming place with good portions. Scrambled eggs with imitation elver, croquetas, bonito… A beautiful place to enjoy an intimate meal. El ciego is the second best option for a tapeo, with choices such as the tuna carpaccio, cod tempura and torreznos. Our favorite tapa is the cod with caramelized onion. You will not regret coming to this restaurant.

comer laredo cabana
La Cabaña
comer laredo bar tunel
Bar El Túnel

You will find many different restaurants in Laredo. The Plaza offers traditional dishes and in their Gastro&Bar menu they give you the option of choosing between cold and warm portions: great quality. The carabinero with arroz meloso (sticky rice) is a great option.

The La Marina Company, with local clients on the week days, serves great rice, seasonal fish and delicious desserts. An excellent black rice and pretty decoration, apart from modern recipes.

Casa Felipe has traditional food and great service. Their salads and fresh products are amazing.

The restaurant Real Club Náutico of Laredo offers a good traditional food, and is a great place to celebrate weddings and other celebrations. The restaurants of the hotels El Ancla and Risco are some other options you could try if you want to eat in Laredo.

comer laredo marina commpany
La Marina Company
comer laredo casa felipe
Casa Felipe

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