Eating in Zestoa

Eating in Zestoa

We find ourselves in Zestoa, a town in Sastarrain Valley with a rich cultural heritage. Here you’ll be able to taste fish, pinchos, local products…Eating in Zestoa means having a wide range of dishes and delicious recipes at your disposal. Are you up for it?

In the province of Gipuzkoa we find Zestoa, a famous town that peaked in the first half of the 20th century thanks to its popular spa. In the realm of gastronomy, the town’s selection of restaurants is limited but rich in the traditional dishes of inland Basque Country. Therefore, veal, lamb, and pork products are very typical when it comes to eating in Zestoa.

The town’s gardens also provide its kitchens with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are important for the preparation of traditional dishes like porrusalda (leek soup) and vegetable stews. Due to Zestoa’s proximity to the sea, you’ll be able to find dishes showcasing fish and shellfish like cuttlefish, crab, monkfish, turbot, and codfish, all of which are common products when it comes to eating in Zestoa and can be served in different styles.

Products that you can try in Zestoa include Idiazabal cheese, very popular in the entire province, and artisanal honey made in local cottages. To accompany these products, you can try a glass of Txakoli de Getaria (white wine) or a bottle of handcrafted cider. As in any true Gipuzkoan town, you can’t forget about pinchos, which can be easily found in many of the town’s establishments and which are noteworthy here for their quality as well as their variety. A visit to Ekain Cave can be the perfect occasion to discover all that there is to eat in Zestoa.

pescado zestoa
chipirones tinra zestoa

In downtown Zestoa you can find Fati tavern, a very popular place for pinchos and casual dining due to their extensive and wide-ranging menu featuring meat, fish, salads, raciones, and sandwiches. The calamari ración is a fan favorite.

At Mollergi bar you can also get satisfying pinchos and tapas—the perfect place for an after-dinner drink.

Dónde comer en Zestoa
Taberna Fati
Dónde comer en Zestoa
Bar Mollergi

Even though there aren’t too many places for eating in Zestoa, the town’s restaurants and bars give rise to a diverse and quality selection, most of them derived from the local gastronomic tradition. Iraeta restaurant is a hundred-year-old establishment that is very popular when it comes to eating in Zestoa. They serve home-style cooking with a local essence, using quality products of local origin. They have a grill and their own parking lot. You can order hake cooked in various styles—grilled, fried, or in sauce.

Agustín is a pleasant restaurant where you can get a quick meal if you’re just passing through. The restaurant of the spa, Balneario de Cestona, draws on the Basque gastronomic tradition and uses local products. The restaurant consists of several dining rooms, making it a suitable place to hold special events.

Dónde comer en Zestoa
Restaurante Iraeta
Dónde comer en Zestoa
Restaurante Agustín

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